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Certificate of Completion – Three Terms: 45 Credit Hours

The Culinary Assistant Training program is a comprehensive, job-shadowing experience for students with disabilities to prepare them for careers within the service industry or clerical occupations. Students in this program will be taught the necessary skills to maintain the necessary work habits and behaviors to become employed in restaurants, hotels and other work environments.

Certificate-seeking students work with co-workers at the PCC Sylvania Campus to learn the job skills specific to the type of employment they desire. There will also be individualized training and assistance maintaining positive work habits. Classroom instruction focuses on the development of work-related communication and social skills, customer service skills, job search activities and more. In addition to the course work and on-the-job experience, each student will participate in six hours of individualized job development activities. Students can enroll at anytime during the school year.

An interview with the program coordinator is required prior to enrollment. Qualified students will have a documented disability, the ability to work semi-independently and have some previous paid or unpaid work experience.

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Sylvania Campus
Amo DeBernardis Building, Room 110
PO Box 19000
Portland, Oregon 97280

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