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Associate of Applied Science Degree, 107 credits

In the broadest sense, biotechnology refers to adapting life processes for practical use. This includes a wide variety of activities, such as genetically engineering microorganisms to produce pharmaceuticals, developing and manufacturing better ways to diagnose disease, making plants more resistant to pests and herbicides and using microorganisms to clean up toxic wastes.

The field is exciting, with rapidly changing techniques, applications and innovations. Skilled technicians with broad-based laboratory training are needed for many biotechnology positions, which could involve working with scientists on research and development, sample and data collection and analysis, manufacturing and quality assurance, and general laboratory support.

As a biotechnology laboratory technician, you will find opportunities in research, development, manufacturing, testing, quality control and assurance, biotechnology companies, research institutions, local and state agencies, private service laboratories and related industries.

With our AAS in biotechnology, you may also transfer to Portland State University with junior status toward a bachelor’s degree in biology.

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