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Handbook for Instructors


Portland Community College | Division of English and World Languages | Sylvania Campus

Compiled by John Sparks, Reuel Kurzet and Megan Esler | March 2008

updated January 31st, 2014 by John Sparks


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Introduction and Quick Reference Guide
Checklist for New Instructors
Preparing for a Class
Using the Textbooks and CCOGs
The First Week of Class
Timeline for a Typical Term
The PCC Grading System
Graded Homework and Tests; Managing the Textbook and CCOGs
SAC Policy for Diagnostics and Skipping Students
ESOL UP Guidelines and Letter
ESOL Prerequisites
New Student Placement Testing
Adding Students to Classes
Students on Waitlist
Dropping Students from a Class
International Students
BANNER for ESOL Instructors
CASAS and TOPS Testing for Levels 1-3
Final Exam Week
Financial Aid for Students
Instructor Assessments
Assignment Rights
Difficulties with Students
Cheating and Plagiarism
ESOL Sub Policy
Substitute Teachers
College Closures
Parking Tickets
The ESOL Tutoring Center
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Sample Forms and Handouts

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