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Creative Writing

Are you looking to stimulate and improve your own imaginative writing? The PCC creative writing program offers you the opportunity to study with instructors who provide unique approaches to creative writing. Expect to write a great deal, learn critical terminology, and spend class time discussing your own and others' writing.

PCC offers one of the largest selections of creative writing courses in the state. There are no prerequisites for most of the introductory courses, although you should be able to write at WR 121 level. All the courses are good for three units of transferable credit.

You can visit creative writing department web sites for each campus by following the links at left.

Creative Writing Publications

The creative writing program showcases creative writing students' work in several publications, each produced by student-editors in Writing 246, Advanced Creative Writing: Editing & Publishing, the program's capstone course. 

Alchemy Magazine of Literature and Art (Sylvania, published annually)

Alembic Magazine of Literature and Art (Sylvania, published quarterly)

Pointed Circle Magazine of Writing and Art (Cascade, published annually)

Rock Creek Review (Rock Creek, published annually)

Creative Writing Courses

Class schedule, all locations

The following course descriptions and CCOGs are the same, regardless of location.

All Writing Course Descriptions

Course Content and Outcomes Guides (CCOGs)


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