Sylvania Environmental Center

Peter Ritson, Sylvania Environmental Center Coordinator | HT 205

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The Environmental Center serves as a community hub for Sylvania Campus and District sustainability initiatives. The E-Center is an active meeting place for committees organized around sustainability issues and student-led organizations. It also offers updated resources on climate change, alternative transportation, energy conservation, and campus sustainability. The center also offers counseling for students interested in environmental careers.

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Work Study

You can apply for work study when you fill out federal financial aid forms. If you have been notified that you are eligible to receive a work study appointment, you can apply to work for the Environmental Center. We will work with you to create a work study schedule that fits into your academic schedule.


You can earn college credit while working for the center. Each 30 hours of work towards the learning objectives you create earn you 1 college credit, to a maximum of 6 credits (no more than 4 credits in one term). We create each internship position uniquely for the student applying in order to match the student's career/life goals.

Community-Based Learning

Every term, the Environmental Center hosts Community-Based Learning students seeking a variety of objectives. Come talk to us if you are looking for a Community-Based Learning work site.


The Environmental Center thrives on the many volunteers who show up every term to help staff the center, plan and put on events, create displays, to work in the campus garden, and just to help out in general. We welcome everyone to come by the center and volunteer to help with some of our initiatives!

Habitat Restoration Team

The Team, working with the Sylvania Grounds crew, PCC students and staff, and community volunteers, will carry on its work removing invasive species, planting NW native plants, and stabilizing creek beds. To become involved contact: April Fong.

Student Clubs

The Sylvania Environmental Center has hosted a variety of clubs in the past, including the Peace Club, the Organic Gardening Club, the Hemp Club, and the Bicycle Transportation Club. If you're interested in starting a club, contact Peter Ritson, Sylvania Environmental Center Coordinator.

Sylvania Learning Garden

The Sylvania Learning Garden is a cooperative campus space dedicated to organic gardening. The garden serves as a "Living Laboratory" to allow individuals and groups to teach and learn through organic gardening.

In 2010 the garden was a site for the Village Building Convergence, a natural building festival, and the garden now hosts a hand-made cob bench covered by an eco-roof.  The garden is currently developing a rainwater catchment system and new vermiculture facilities. 

Students, clubs, faculty, and staff are invited to become involved in the garden. For more information about the Sylvania Learning Garden - contact center coordinator, Peter Ritson.