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The Rock Creek Sustainability Office directs campus-wide efforts to learn, work and live sustainably: in a way that improves our community and respects the rights and needs of future generations. The many facets of sustainability at Rock Creek include behavior change and education, energy conservation, waste reduction and diversion, and of course sustainable food production.

Group of people celebrating earth day 2016 at rock creek

The Sustainability Office oversees the Rock Creek Learning Garden, which provides opportunities for students, faculty, staff and community members to grow, purchase or earn, and enjoy fresh food right here on campus, drastically reducing the miles from farm to table and building the long-term self-sufficiency of our community.

Rock Creek Sustainability oversees an extensive composting program that funnels much of the food waste produced on campus back into the Learning Garden, bringing our campus closer to a closed-loop system.

Some of the Sustainability Office’s projects for the 2016-17 academic year include:

  • Continue to work toward the goals of PCC’s Climate Action Plan
  • Continue Power Shift energy conservation behavior change campaign in tandem with operational and mechanical improvements to reduce energy use
  • Build upon Rock Creek’s Certified Bee Campus USA projects with a Spring 2017 Beekeeping class and increased overwintering support for the apiary. Click on the "Bees" tab at the right to learn more about our work with honeybees and other pollinators!
  • Reduce landfill waste by introducing small "mini max" trash bins, that hang on the side of recycling bins, to replace larger desk-side trash bins
  • Support an increasing capacity for harvest, donations to address food insecurity, and Volunteer Rewards (free fresh food to volunteers) in the Learning Garden
  • Complete the college’s process to offer a Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Certificate for Spring 2017
  • Increase office and center composting to reduce organic waste to the landfill. You can help by composting your food waste in the cafeteria!
  • Train new ASPCC Sustainability student leaders who are actively increasing our composting and waste reduction capacity on campus