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We hope the summer is treating you well. Since our Launch, it has been quite the whirlwind. While the social media team continues to develop new tools (how do you like our new newsletter?), many folks have taken a much-needed break. There are plenty of great projects in the works though.

GPSEN Coordinator Kim Smith returned from her research trip, completely inspired by her meetings with European RCE representatives and UNESCO consultants. In whatever language, there are so many good people doing good work in the world, who shared their best practices ideas. They also are asking many of the same questions that we have in our region.

Kim is now joining outreach consultant Jamie Stamberger at the RCEs of the Americas meeting in Western Jalisco, Mexico, where they are learning about sustainability education projects and processes in Northern, Central, and South America. The hospitality and organizational skills of their hosts have been astounding and hints continue to be dropped about when Portland might be the host city.

With fall just around the corner, let’s all connect on how best to collaborate to increase our collective impact in the coming year.

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