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What an incredible month it has been!  Our GPSEN team hopes that you are in good spirits and have experienced great success this May.

We are grateful to the many folks who attended our GPSEN Partners and Stakeholders Meeting and offered such worthwhile feedback on our new partnership model.  These efforts will roll out this summer, so please keep an eye out for updates and think about how you and your organizations would like to increase your collective impact through education, public awareness, and training efforts to help create a more sustainable region.  Our Development team will be busy working on grant applications, so consider ways that you might like to collaborate.

We are proud of our many partners' accomplishments as well.  Big kudos to the Center for Earth Leadership and their "Portlanders for Outdoor School" campaign.  They announced some big news: sixth grade students in the Portland School District will have a full week of Outdoor School next year! And, momentum is growing for Outdoor School for All!  We were also happy to see that the City of Portland was in the top 10 cities on this year's City Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

There are many sustainability events and conferences coming up this summer, so check out the details below.  Keep up the great work!

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