Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee helps shape and facilitate the work of GPSEN. Members of the Coordinating Committee volunteer their time to:

  • attend monthly meetings
  • serve as liaisons between GPSEN and their member organizations
  • provide input on GPSEN/RCE activities
  • coordinate quarterly GPSEN stakeholder meetings
  • help with GPSEN outreach
  • and conduct the overall business of GPSEN through volunteering with a subcommittee and/or working group of interest.

All stakeholders are welcome to participate in the coordinating committee and are asked to commit to a one-year term.

Coordinating Committee reviewing logos

Coordinating Committee reviewing proposed logos



  • Keeper of mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives
  • Develop organizational structure/internal policies to meet mission and goals
  • Engage in strategic planning
  • Seek out and implement funding opportunities to support staff and project capacity
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other regional efforts
  • Model ethical governance, including accountability and transparency
  • Maintain accountability of RCE on issues of diversity, equity, and justice as they relate to sustainability education
  • Develop and implement policy on organizational and political advocacy
Working Groups
  • Policy and Planning
  • Ethics
  • Development
  • Assessment

To join the Governance subcommittee or a working group, contact Lin Harmon Walker.

Outreach & Communications

  • Manage website, listservs, and newsletter
  • Work on organizational branding and messaging
  • Keep updated calendar/opportunities list for members/public
  • Collect best practices and resources to be shared on website and in newsletters
  • Develop and implement plan for outreach, member cultivation, and retention
  • Facilitate transparency on GPSEN's goals and actions
  • Develop and participate in programs for public engagement to raise public awareness about education for sustainable development, including presentations and tabling
  • InsureĀ  diverse representation and messaging and actions based on equity and justice as they relate to sustainability education
  • Influence broader policy development related to education for sustainable development
Working Groups
  • Advocacy
  • Diversity and Equity
  • Newsletter and Social Media
  • Website
  • Marketing

To join the Outreach & Communications subcommittee or a working group, contact Gary Obermeyer.

Programs & Events

  • Organize conferences and workshops
  • Develop service-learning opportunities
  • Foster collaboration and connections among members, including formal and informal educators
  • Develop networking opportunities, including socials and symposiums
  • Facilitate discussions about regional issues and challenges
  • Develop programs for members focusing on professional development and capacity building, including workshops and leadership development
  • Set up internship opportunities
Working Groups
  • Events
  • Professional Development
  • K-12 Youth Network
  • College Student Network
  • Civic Engagement

To join the Programs & Events subcommittee or a working group, contact Kim Smith.

Research & Development

  • Research and Development
  • Identify existing research
  • Promote collaborative research opportunities
  • Promote and help disseminate research
  • Work with Outreach team to keep research visible on website
  • Research and post best practice tools on website
  • Promote and share curriculum development
  • Facilitate articulation agreements
  • Develop assessment tools that support transparency and accountability
  • Assess outcomes and document results
Working Groups
  • Research Projects
  • Research Database
  • Curriculum Development
  • Social Science Think Tank
  • Articulation

To join the Research & Development subcommittee or a working group, contact Bruce Podobnik.