Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

We welcome new partnerships with any organizations and individuals who are involved in formal, non-formal, or informal education efforts to promote a sustainable community, economy, and environment in the greater Portland region.  Participants include community members, pre-K-12 schools, higher education institutions, environmental organizations, green businesses, government, media, museums, zoos, gardens, and civic associations, as well as scientists, researchers, students and life-long learners.

  1. Become a GPSEN Member to help develop projects, participate in GPSEN events, and cross-promote your organization’s efforts. Becoming a GPSEN member is free, voluntary, and open to the public. Organizational members will be recognized in a membership list on our GPSEN website.
  2. Take the Engagement Pledge to demonstrate your commitment to help advance regional sustainability education. The Pledge allows you to commit to actions on GPSEN opportunities that best fit your needs and interests and identify resources that can help support our shared efforts. Planners and sponsors of events will receive recognition in marketing materials.
  3. Join our GPSEN Coordinating Committee to help shape and facilitate the work of the RCE. Members of the coordinating committee volunteer their time to attend monthly meetings, serve as liaisons between GPSEN and member organizations, provide input on GPSEN/RCE activities, coordinate quarterly GPSEN stakeholder meetings, help with GPSEN outreach, and conduct the overall business of GPSEN. All stakeholders are welcome to participate in the coordinating committee.
  4. Join Subcommittees and working groups to create events and implement initiatives in the areas of ESD education, outreach, policy, research, training, capacity building, and program evaluation, among others.

For further questions, contact GPSEN Coordinator Kim Smith, at kdsmith@pcc.edu or 971-722-4097.