Cascade Campus Sustainability

Contact Kendi Esary (Student Leadership Coordinator) or Shelby Wilkinson (Environmental Sustainability Coordinator)

Sustainability is here to stay at Cascade campus

Recycling is just one aspect of PCC Cascade's sustainability program. We can also:

Reducing our waste can be a big step towards lessening our impact on the world…
Recycling is good, but reusing is better! Why not reuse what we have instead of throwing it away and buying more?

Ways that we can reduce/reuse here on campus:

  • PAPER: As students and faculty we go through tons of paper-literally! Making a conscientious effort to reduce the amount of paper we use can go a long way. We can:
    • Widen the margins on documents we print out.
    • Write or print on the backs of paper
    • Take notes on a laptop/computer instead of writing them out by hand
    • Only print out documents you really need.
    • Don’t buy bottled water! Take back the tap! Use a sustainable container to drink out of. Stainless steel, 27oz., reusable water bottles are sold in the student lounge. (SC03).
    • Coffee drinker? Invest one-time in a reusable coffee cup and reduce the amount of disposable cups that you send to the landfill.
    • MUG BOARD. Bring and/or reuse a mug provided for you at the mug board in the cafeteria. Feel free to use any mug, but please bring it back so we can wash it.
  • CLOTHING: Come down to the lounge and check out the Free Bin, where you can drop off any unwanted clothes or pick up some new treasures.

Bike to Campus!

Cascade campus currently has one tenth of our commuters coming and going by bike! In an effort to support our cycling community the ASPCC underground has free bike locks to check out if you forget yours, a bike pump, bike stand, and basic tool kit. These supplies can be checked out with your student ID. We also sell bike tubes at cost. Borrow our bike stand and tools to fix your flat.

Low-Waste Event Planning

In everything we do we have a chance to improve. Contact us when planning your event. We’re happy to help you with methods for reducing waste and water consumption, lowering energy, and recycling leftovers in your event planning. Making your event low waste doesn’t have to be difficult.
  • For assistance planning your low-waste event, contact Shelby Wilkinson
  • Past Events

    View the results of our Waste Audit conducted fall of 2009 at the Cascade Campus.