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What's a Green Team?Green Team

PCC Green Teams are self-organized groups of employees committed to advancing sustainable practices in their office, department and/or building. These sustainability champions recognize the importance of staff and faculty commitment in order to meet the college’s progressive sustainability goals.

Green Teams meet about once a month to connect and celebrate their accomplishments, reflect on shortcomings, and share ideas. These meetings also serve as a platform for collaborative education, community building, and innovation.

Green Team members use a variety of provided resources and outreach materials to promote eco-friendly offices and reduce the college's environmental footprint. They also serve as the primary contact for their department or building for all things sustainability and remain in constant contact with sustainability staff for support and resources.

Why should your office get involved?

PCC is committed to sustainability! Check out the school’s most recent Climate Action Plan.

As a college we have already made great strides in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions & environmental impact, but there is still much more to do. Your participation can help PCC meet its progressive sustainability goals!

Green Office certification

The Green Office program is a great place to get your office engaged in PCC's sustainability efforts. Learn about the Green Office Program and see where your office stands, what actions to take to improve, and apply for official Green Office Certification!