Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The department operates under the supervision of Director Ken Goodwin and Lieutenant Derrick Foxworth.

For Lost and Found inquiries, please visit the Lost and Found location on your campus or call the DPS Non-Emergency line at 971-722-4902.

Cascade OfficersCascade Campus

501 North Killingsworth St

Sergeant: Erik Hargrove


Lyle Brown, Wally Chow, Courtney Arrigoni Steve Feather, Nawal Prasad, Kiah Gravel John Thompson, Tony Whitmore

Rock Creek OfficersRock Creek Campus

Building 1

Richard Rivera
, Ubaldo Garcia Kyle Clark, Tom Semph, Sara Smith

Southeast OfficersSoutheast Campus

MT 153

Robert "Terry" Langley
Robert Hazen, Ward Pierson, Todd Johnson, Chris Dingus

Sylvania OfficersSylvania Campus

CSB 320

Alan Bral
Nicole Downing,,Jeff Grider, Carisa Rudnick,Kevin Loberger, James Moir Danielle Parker Jeff Fishback,


Portland Metro Workforce Training Center
Erik Hargrove
Downtown Center
Sergeant Alan Bral
Hillsboro Center
Richard Rivera
Willow Creek Center
Dave Campbell, Alan Meeker,
Vadim Balashov
CLIMB Center
Sergeant Terry Langley
Newberg Center
Sergeant Alan Bral
Swan Island
Sergeant Erik Hargrove