Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

As the Internet and World Wide Web grow and more and more of us participate in global communication, it becomes critical for each and everyone of us to follow some simple rules of etiquette.

Be polite. Include a salutation to the person or persons to whom you are writing (e.g., George, or District Task Force,). Write clearly and accurately. Never be abusive, harassing or rude. Never use obscene language.

Remember that written correspondence does not convey body language. Do not WRITE TOTALLY IN CAPITAL LETTERS. It comes across as shouting. Use written annotations in your text to express mood. For example, one can use a variety of smiley faces :-) or surround words in asterisks, such as *smile*.

Note that your electronic mail is not guaranteed to be private. Think of e-mail as a postcard which can be read (but shouldn't be) by anyone.

Do not reveal your own personal address nor the addresses and/or phone numbers of other students or colleagues without their permission.

All communications and information accessible via the network should be assumed to be private property. One should not intentionally seek to obtain unauthorized copies of, or to deliberately modify, any files or other data (e.g. passwords) belonging to any other users of this system.

Copyright law pertains to material found on the Internet / WWW as well as published hardcopy works. While copying and duplicating interesting works found on the internet can be instructional, make sure to check for copyright information before copying anything. Copyright information is often found at the bottom of the page in fine print, and may even be only on the last of a series of linked pages.

To know what you can rightfully copy and duplicate, check out the Copyright Resource Center.

Do not use the network in such a way that you would disrupt the use of the network by other users.