Campus Conveniences


Public phones are available in most PCC buildings. White courtesy phones can be used to contact Public Safety or other campus extensions. Locations of white courtesy phones are listed below, but they can also be found in other various campus locations.


See the Sustainability website page on Recycling for more detailed information.


Lockers may be rented for $3/term from your campus Student Account Services. Locker locations are listed below.

  Copy Machines Courtesy Phones Newspaper Stands Lockers ATM
Cascade SC Library
  • SSB lobby
  • TH lobby
  • SC lobby
  • JH lobby
  • SC basement (ASPCC office)
SC Cafeteria SC lower level Student Services Building, near the elevators
Rock Creek Bldg. 9 in the Library
  • Bldg. 2 Mall
  • Bldg. 3, Rm. 128
  • Bldg. 5 Mall
  • Bldg. 9 Mall
Bldg. 3, Rm. 128
  • Bldg. 2
  • Bldg. 3
Bldg. 3, across from the cafeteria
Southeast Center Tabor Mall
  • Tabor Mall and 151 in ASPCC office
  • MS 100
Tabor Mall No lockers available Mt. Tabor Hall, next to cafeteria
  • CC lower level (both ends)
  • HT 116 (Women's Locker room), 118M, 206M, 311M
  • SS 101
  • CT 112M and 219
  • PAC Lobby
  • Cafeteria
  • CC
  • HT
  • CT
  • bus stop
  • CC lower level (both ends)
  • SS
  • HT
CC building, near the information desk