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About Alchemy

Alchemy 2014 cover

Alchemy, a magazine of student writing and art, is published annually as a class project by the students of Writing 246 and Writing 249, Advanced Creative Writing: Editing and Publishing I and II,, at the Sylvania Campus.

The same classes that produce Alchemy also publish Alembic, a newsletter format magazine of literature and art.

Contribute to Alchemy
Get involved! If you are interested in publishing, writing, or creative work, we want to hear from you.

Get a copy

The 2014 Alchemy is available now! It can be purchased for $5 a copy through local bookstores:

  • PCC Sylvania Bookstore
  • Powell's Books, Burnside
  • Annie Bloom's Books, Multnomah

See more Alchemy in our back issues.