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Scholarships and Financial Aid for Study Abroad

There are numerous scholarship and aid opportunities available to help you study abroad! PCC's study abroad staff can assist you with identifying scholarship and financial aid options, and provide coaching and advising on the application process for competitive scholarships. For additional information on the opportunities listed below, or to make an advising appointment, contact the study abroad advisor at extension 7117 or by emailing

Among the PCC students awarded scholarships for study abroad in 14-15 is Sarah Parrott, who is spending 8 weeks in China in Summer 2014, studying Chinese language and culture. Sarah received a Gilman award covering most of the cost of her program - follow her blog about her experience in Shanghai!

  • All federal and state financial aid can be applied towards any PCC study abroad program, and any program through the Dual Admission/Co-enrollment agreement with PSU. If the cost of your study abroad program (including airfare and other program-related expenses) exceeds the cost of attending PCC, you may be eligible for additional aid to help cover the additional costs.
  • PCC Scholarships can be applied towards any PCC study abroad program that awards PCC residential credit.
  • Many private scholarships that support PCC students such as OSAC, Ford Family Foundation, and others can be applied towards a study abroad program; check with the scholarship sponsor for details.
  • A number of scholarships specifically designed to support study abroad are available, including:
    • Gilman Scholarship: For students receiving Pell grants studying abroad for 4 weeks - 1 year. Up to $5,000. Over 2,000 students receive Gilman funding every year; PCC students have an excellent record with Gilman funding!
    • Fund for Education Abroad: For study abroad programs of at least 4 weeks. Up to $10,000. Approximately 20 scholarships each year. Additional Rainbow scholarship specifically for LGBTQI students.
    • Foundation for Global Scholars: For study abroad programs of at least 4 weeks. Up to $2,000. General scholarships as well as scholarships for Pell grant recipients, students majoring in science/technology fields, ethnically diverse students, and veterans.
    • Program Scholarships: Many of the programs offered through PCC's Dual Admission/Co-Enrollment option with PSU offer scholarships for participants. Amounts range from $500 to $10,000. Opportunties include:
      • CIEE: Gain Scholarships (up to $1,500 for airfare for students with high need); LIFT Scholarships (up to $5,000 for students studying language for a full year)
      • SIT: Pell Match Grants (for every student participating in a semester-length program who receives a Pell Grant, SIT awards a scholarship equal to the amount of the Pell Grant the student receives)
      • IFSA-Butler: First Generation Scholars (up to $2,500 for students who are first-generation college students)
    • Critical Language Scholarships: Full-funded (airfare, room and board, cultural activities, academic credit), 7-10 week intensive summer language institutes abroad for U.S. students to study critical foreign languages. In 2013, institutes were offered in Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Turkish, and Urdu, and approximately 600 students received scholarships to participate.
    • Boren Scholarship: For study in geographic areas and languages designated as critical to U.S. national security. Up to $10,000 per semester. Approximately 150 scholarships each year. Includes a service requirement that recipients work in a national security position with the Federal government after graduation.