Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

General Coursework Description

Students will sign up for a total of 12-15 general education credits. All program participants are required to enroll in the British Life and Culture course for 3 credits. In addition to these courses, students will be required to enroll in three more, 3 or 4 credit classes that are listed under "Additional Course Offerings. Immersion into the British culture setting will occur with active participation in lecture classes and culturally-based field trips, as required by course instructors.

Required Course Offerings

Students are required to enroll in the 3 credit course listed below:

British Life and Culture

All students are required to take this interdisciplinary course taught by AIFS faculty in London. Three hours per week feature either lectures on British culture and civilization or field trips to historic and artistic sites in and around London. Topics include such subjects as the history of London, language differences, British theater, and the Thames River; and field trips to the Museum of London, the National and Tate Galleries, and the Houses of Parliament.

  • HUM 1xx - British Life and Culture (3 credits)

Elective Course Offerings

Three courses will be offered by Oregon faculty. 2015 courses will be announced in fall 2014.

If enrollment is less than 20 students, the additional course below will be offered by an AIFS faculty instructor:

Western Civilization

World civilizations and their historical interactions. Impact of industrialization and imperialism in both a Western context and a non-Western context; the modern period of world history with a focus on WWI, WWII and postwar reordering of world civilizations. Focus on Great Britain will provide a model of empire and post-colonial development.

  • HST 1xx - Western Civilization/World History (4 credits)

Please Note:

Students will register for their study abroad classes during the mandatory, program pre-departure orientation session. As such, students will NOT have to enroll in any regular PCC courses during the regularly scheduled summer course registration period that occurs during the prior spring term.

Oregon International Education Consortium

The Oregon International Education Consortium (OIEC) offers this unique program to enable students to study abroad while making normal progress toward their degree objectives. Typically, students earn 8-15 transferable credits in courses taught by community college faculty from Portland Community College, Central Oregon Community College, Chemeketa Community College, Clackamas Community College, Mt. Hood Community College and Rogue Community College. Credits earned will appear on the transcript of their home Oregon community college.