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As a PCC faculty member, you have the opportunity to teach a PCC course abroad for credit! This is a faculty-driven process wherein a faculty member develops an idea for a course they would like to teach abroad and proposes it for review and (hopefully) approval. This process involves working with your division dean and DOI for support and approval of your program idea; submitting a proposal through Education Abroad with the details of your proposed program to be reviewed by the Education Abroad Review Committee; working with Education Abroad and the selected study abroad program provider to flesh out details of the program; and recruiting students for your program, among other things.

The Education Abroad Office is here to help recruit students for your program by providing tools, resources, training, and additional marketing and recruiting support, but the ultimate responsibility to ensure high enough enrollment rests with the faculty member proposing and leading the program.

Program Models

Embedded Field Trip/Capstone Program

  • This is a program that is embedded in a course that takes place mostly on campus, with a component abroad.
  • Example: Habitats Biology course taught on campus in the fall; after finals, 10 day field trip to Costa Rica which is integral to the course and contributes to course learning outcomes.

Stand Alone Program

  • This is a program in which the course(s) is/are taught entirely abroad.
  • Example: History of Middle East course taught entirely in Jordan over four weeks during Summer term.

Regardless of program model, all programs are required to collaborate with a PCC-approved study abroad provider which has been vetted by PCC, based on best practices around health and safety, security, and access.

Steps to Developing a Faculty-Led Program

  1. Determine if this is right for you!
    • Developing and leading an education abroad program is not for everyone, and that's okay! It requires significant investment of time in design, development, and recruitment.
    • On-site, the faculty member is supported by the program provider, but is still "on call" 24/7, spending 6-8 hours a day with a group of students for an extended period of time.
  2. Develop an idea and concept
    • For some this may be easy, and for some it may be more difficult. The Education Abroad Office is here to assist with this part of the process.
    • Faculty interested in developing a program should meet with Anne Frey, Education Abroad District Manager (>ext 5691, anne.frey@pcc.edu) to discuss ideas, and should attend the Faculty-Led Workshop (held each fall).
  3. Prepare and submit initial proposal
    • For programs running Spring 2018 - Winter 2019, the deadline for the initial proposal is December 16, 2016
  4. Work with Education Abroad Office on details
    • Education Abroad Office will work with you on feasibility
    • Education Abroad Office will help submit a Request for Proposal to the selected study abroad provider organization
    • Education Abroad will assist in developing final proposal
  5. Submit final proposal to Education Abroad Review Committee
    • The Education Abroad Review Committee (EARC) will review final proposals late March/Early April
  6. Education Abroad Review Committee recommends approval by Vice President of Academic Affairs April/May


  • PCC International Travel Policy
  • Faculty -Led Education Abroad Programs Handbook- the place to start if you're interested in teaching a PCC course for credit abroad! Please review this handbook and then contact Anne Frey, Education Abroad Manager (ext 5691, anne.frey@pcc.edu), if you are interested in submitting a proposal for a new program.
  • Faculty-Led Education Abroad Program Initial Proposal - if you have reviewed the handbook and met with Anne Frey, and are ready to begin your Initial Proposal, click here to start the online Proposal. Initial Proposals are due December 16, 2016 for programs running Spring 2018 - Winter 2019.

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