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Insurance Information

All PCC students on PCC study abroad programs are required to carry insurance that covers medical expenses for illness or injury while abroad, medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.  Currently, students may choose from any company that offers international coverage with these features.  Examples of plans that meet these minimum requirements are:

  • Inext (any Inext supplemental or comprehensive plans)
  • STA (ISIC card or any international travel insurance from STA travel)

PCC also recommends that students studying abroad carry US insurance, so in the unlikely event that they are transferred back to the United States due to a medical emergency, they have coverage once they complete the transfer.

Personal Emergency Action Plans

Emergency Action Plan and EAP Steps: These personal plans help students to prepare for a safe trip by asking them to think about the actions they would take in an emergency as well as the resources that they would likely need at hand, so that if an emergency situation arises, there is a plan in place.

Emergency Card

The Emergency Card is a condensed resource, which includes your most important contact numbers and personal information. We recommend that you print out the Card. Then, fill in all the requested names, addresses, phone numbers and personal information. Make several copies of your completed card. Make sure to leave a copy of it with each of your U.S. emergency contacts, with your abroad emergency contacts, and keep a copy with you at all times.

Personal Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Whether studying or working abroad, we recommend you print out and fill in the emergency planning form we provide. This form should help you create a Personal Emergency Action Plan (EAP). It is different from the Emergency Card above. Your EAP is equivalent to a strategy-planning device in case of an emergency, whereas the Emergency Card is a wallet-sized summary of your personal information and emergency contacts.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Steps

We suggest you print out the Emergency Action Plan Steps and keep a copy with you at all times. We have included a list of suggested documents and items to help you respond more effectively during an emergency.

Country-specific Health, Safety & Security Information

Before going abroad, students should familiarize themselves with the health, safety and political situation in the country being considered as a location for study.  The following links can help students make an informed decision about travel to a specific country or location.

This site gives safety and security information about specific countries, including travel warnings, which are official warnings issued by the US State Department suggesting that Americans avoid travel to specific countries.  Check to see what this site says about the political and travel situation in the country you are considering.