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Spanish and European Studies Program - Barcelona

Academic ProgramBarcelona

Students will enroll in 12-18 units of coursework in Spanish language and European studies taught in English or Spanish. Specific course options depend on the term of study and the results of the placement test administered by UPF after students are accepted to the program.

All students are required to take Spanish language; additional options include Catalan language at the beginning level; courses in translation, Spanish history, art history, and writing taught in Spanish; and courses taught in English focusing on topics such as the history and culture of Barcelona, Spanish art history, film studies, globalization, and political science (note that students may take only ONE course taught in English each term, and courses taught in English are not offered during the Spring term).

Below is a sample list of courses offered in 2015-2016. For current listings and detailed course descriptions, contact the Education Abroad office.

Language Courses Courses taught in Spanish Courses taught in English (students may select only ONE course from this list; not available Spring term)
Intermediate Spanish Language English-Spanish Translation Barcelona, the City and its History
Advanced Spanish Language Culture in Texts Global Marketing and the History of FC Barcelona
Beginning Catalan Language Writing Workshop (Advanced Spanish Language students only) The Barcelona Journey Towards Sustainability
Advanced Catalan Language History of Spain (Advanced Spanish Language students only) Contemporary Spanish Art
  History of Art (Advanced Spanish Language students only) Politics and Society in the European Union
    Understanding Globalization
    Global Media and International Journalism
    Screening the Global World: Cultural Diversity and Television
    Barcelona: Rise of a Design City
    "Sepharad": History and Heritage of Jewish Spain
    The Ancient Mediterranean
    Globalization, Development, and Social Cohesion
    Understanding Globalization: Historical Roots of Exchanges Between East Asia, America, and Europe