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Re-Entry Information

Reverse Culture Shock

One of the biggest challenges for students who participate in study abroad can be the difficulty in re–adapting to the realities of life back in the United States. This phenomenon is known as "re–entry" or reverse culture shock. Typically, students who have studied abroad for a medium or long length of time went through many changes and usually re–examine their priorities, their values, and what they think about themselves and the United States. For some, reverse culture shock can be more challenging than the "culture shock" they experienced while living outside of the United States. Additional information about Reverse Culture Shock and other challenges of returning to the United States can be found in the Center for Global Education Study Abroad Student Handbook.

Continuing Benefits of Study Abroad

As students transition back to life in the United States, they may find themselves wanting to continue interacting with citizens from their host country, do further study on their host country, work in a bilingual environment, or even plan to study abroad again. One of the greatest advantages of studying abroad is the expansion of their world view and personal perspective. Below are some topics of interest that study abroad returnees can read about in the Center for Global Education Study Abroad Student Handbook.

  • Post-Study Abroad Advisement
  • Career Development and Resume
  • Study Abroad Re-Visited
  • Independent Travel
  • Internships Abroad
  • Careers Abroad
  • Volunteering
  • Getting Involved
  • Relevant Questions
  • Additional Resources

Northwest Returnee Conference (NWRC)

Every year, there is a professional conference for students and recent graduates who have returned from an international education experience. International education professionals from Oregon, Washington and Alaska strive to cultivate and support the growth of global citizenship by encouraging returnees to reflect upon and understand their recently acquired international experience. The conference provides re-entry support, networking opportunities, skill building workshops, and professional development training. Through active student and international education professionals participation in the conference, returnees learn to identify and articulate gained skills that enrich and foster their future careers, educational endeavors, and community involvement. To obtain additional information information and to register for the next annual conference, visit the Northwest Returnee Conference website.


Have you thought about registering for the term upon your return to the U.S.? Don't miss out on early registration dates when you are living outside of the U.S. Students should register online through their MYPCC account to ensure class availability.

Change of Address

Students should contact their campus PCC Admissions and Registration Office to submit change of address information you, if you should have a different residence since returning from your abroad experience.