Frequently Asked Questions about Study Abroad

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What are the requirements?

At least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale is required for most programs. Some programs may also require letters of recommendation, academic references, official college transcripts, and additional pre-requisites. Students should consult individual program pages for information regarding participation requirements and application deadlines.

I am interested in studying abroad. When do you suggest I should begin the application and planning process, and how do I get started?

In general, students should begin the application process at least 8-10 months before they intend to study abroad. Review the table below for suggested guidelines as to when students should begin planning for participation in a PCC-sponsored program. To get started, review the information on this website and then make an appointment with the study abroad advisor, Samantha Cooper, by calling extension 7117 or emailing

Study Abroad Program Term Meet with a study abroad advisor to begin process
Fall In January prior to program departure
Winter In May or June before program departure
Spring In June before program departure
Summer In October before program departure

How competitive is the selection for study abroad programs?

It depends on the program. Some programs have a maximum number of students that can be accepted, while others do not. All programs require experience with college level coursework and a good academic standing.

What will it cost?

Costs for study abroad programs vary, depending on the cost of living and currency exchange rates in various countries. The total cost for a term abroad is often less than the cost at a private college or university, or roughly comparable to that at a public institution. For details on specific program costs, please refer to individual program web pages or contact the study abroad office.

Can I use my financial aid to help fund my program?

Yes, financial aid may be used toward funding a study abroad program. Specifics will depend on the program and the individual student's financial aid situation.

Are there scholarships for study abroad programs?

Yes. There are many scholarships that can be used for study abroad programs. In fact, some scholarships are specifically designed for study abroad participants. Scholarship deadlines are often much earlier than program deadlines, so you should meet with an advisor as early as possible if you plan to apply for scholarships.

Can I work overseas while participating in a study abroad program?

You should not expect to work while studying abroad. Labor laws in most countries will not allow you to seek paid employment while studying as an international student.

Where will I live while abroad?

Program housing options may include apartment living, dormitory living, and host family living. Students can find out what type of living arrangements are offered by reviewing the program logistics section of an individual program web page.

Will the credits transfer?

Yes. Students participating in a PCC-sponsored study abroad program receive 12-15 credits per full academic term.

Do I need to speak the language?

It depends on the program; many options are available to students with little or no prior language study.

Do I need a passport or visas to study overseas?

All students require a passport when traveling out of the country. Students will have to apply for their passport, in person, if they are applying for the first time, renewing a passport issued over eleven years ago, or if they were younger than 18 when their last passport was issued. Students may apply in person at selected post offices, at federal or state courts of records, or at one of the passport agencies of the U.S. Department of State ( Proof of U.S. Citizenship (birth certificate, naturalization certificate or previous U.S. passport), two recent photos (2X2) and current I.D. with photo or physical description are required. Students may renew a passport by mail if their passport has recently expired. It is important that students apply early for new or renewed passports, as application processing can take from 6 to 10 weeks.

A visa is written permission to visit a country granted by the government of that country. Requirements vary from country to country. Information relating to visas will be included in your pre-departure advising process..

I am an older student, can I still study abroad?

Yes! PCC sends many non-traditional students to study overseas. Older students can have a wonderful international travel experience while participating in interesting academic classes abroad. Non-traditional students can choose to live with other students in the program, in a home stay, or pay extra for single room accommodations.