Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Living and studying in a new country and culture can be very exciting, however, with this new adventure comes more responsibility upon the student. It is very important for International students to understand how to be safe and how to adjust to new rules and laws, associated with living in their new host culture.

The help international students, the Office of International Education has put together a special edition of our weekly student newsletter "The Soup," called the Safety Edition. The Safety Edition of The Soup, focuses on the most important Safety Tips and U.S. Rules and Laws, for students to keep in mind while living and studying in Oregon and at Portland Community College.

The Safety Edition, focuses on the following topics:

1. Important Oregon State and U.S. Laws regarding the use of drugs and alcohol, driving while under the influence of alcohol, jaywalking (crossing the street in an un-marked cross-walk), and cellphone use while operating a motor vehicle.

2. Safety Tips to use while at home, in your car, while walking and waiting for the bus, and on campus.

3. What to do if you are Stopped, Visited (at home), or Arrested by the Police, Immigration Agents, or the FBI, including your rights, responsibilities, and advice on how to handle these types of situations.

4. How to be a Safe and Responsible Bicyclist, including wearing a helmet, obeying traffic laws, and being aware while riding a bicycle.

5. Important Emergency and Non-Emergency Telephone Numbers to call, including an after-hours emergency # (971-266-9356) for the Office of International Education, PCC public safety, and 9-1-1.

*If you ever feel uncomfortable about a situation or if someone is bothering you, make sure to tell someone so you can get help!

To download a copy of the Soup, Safety Edition, please click on the following link: Safety Edition

*Students may also pick up an emergency-card that can be carried in their wallet for emergency situations. This card has been created for international students, by the Office of International Education, and has important emergency telephone numbers on it. The card can be picked up at any of the International Student Offices, on all three main campuses of PCC.