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Facilitating Intercultural Discovery

Rebecca Robinson

The engaging workshop I attended on Facilitating Intercultural Discovery encompassed numerous interesting and fun activities adaptable to my teaching environments. Participating in and then using some form of the activities helps me challenge the underlying assumption that "we tend to teach like we learn." The conscious effort to seek difference and learn how to use it in my teaching has added some greater interest for me, and hopefully some spice for the students.

Dan Davidson

Dan Davidson I attended the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication in 2004. It was a great experience for me. We learned a lot about how to interact from people from other cultures, how their mannerisms may be different, how what is polite for our culture may seem rude in others. It was a truly important experience for anyone working in an environment like PCC, with so many students from all across the world. I recommend it to all PCC staff, especially those who work directly with students.

Wendy Shelden

I attended the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communications summer 2008. What a fantastic learning opportunity! I attended "Teaching Intercultural Communication" with Leeva Chung and Stella Ting-Tooney. The instructors were experts in this field and acted as mentors for intercultural instruction throughout the week. There was no actual healthcare or nursing component but both were more than willing to provide me with the specific tools I needed to present intercultural communication material for nursing students. I have since added their suggestions to our booklist. The tools and instructional aides we all received have proven to be effective tools for me in planning classroom instruction. Being at Reed College for a week was also a highlight. I highly recommend this workshop if you are an instructor who teaches intercultural communication as a course or this material is essential to your classroom instruction.

Heiko Spoddeck

Heiko SpoddeckI attended the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication last summer at Reed College. I had chosen the workshop "Strategic Planning for Campus Diversity." It was an awesome experience to sit for three days with professionals, learn together, and exchange experiences. The presenters, Terrell Jones and Art Costantino, were outstanding and were not only experts in their field, but also great teachers. They not only taught us good strategies, but also had us look at ourselves, our own assumptions and prejudice. I never find it easy to look at those, but Terrell and Art provided an atmosphere of respect and learning that made it possible for us to go to places we never knew existed. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the institute.

Past Participants

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