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Instituto Cultural Oaxaca | PCC

Background Information on Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

Currently, our students have the opportunity to study abroad at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca during winter term for an intensive Spanish language immersion program. The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca has more than 22 years experience teaching Spanish language courses and has developed integral programs that maintain the goal of increasing the participants' competence in communication to the highest level possible. In this program, participants have the opportunity to take formal language classes appropriate to their level, apply what is learned in group conversations, further develop comprehension and speaking abilities in cultural workshops, and synthesize the language and culture through experiences with an intercambio (language exchange) with members of the community. Participants will take a Spanish language placement test during the orientation program and be placed at the appropriate level. No Spanish language proficiency is required to be eligible to apply for this opportunity.

This opportunity funded by the Office of International Education is to promote an international professional development opportunity for classified staff, confidential staff, academic professionals, FT faculty, PT faculty (with assignment rights) and management in the area of international understanding through participation in a Spanish language & cultural immersion program at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, Mexico. As of summer 2008, 28 PCC staff have participated. Read some of their testimonials and see additional videos.

Eligibility and Application

Who is eligible?
Classified Staff, Confidential Staff, Academic Professionals, FT Faculty, PT Faculty (with assignment rights) and Management.



Because the International Professional Development opportunities *(CIEE and Oaxaca) are earmarked for elimination in the 2013 - 2014 proposed budget, the Office of International Education is not accepting applications at this time (updated information as of April 23, 2013).

Applications are due Friday, April 29th, 2013 by 5:00 p.m. Only complete applications will be considered. Click here for the application. Click for FAQs.