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International Business Seminars to China

The Business and International Education (BIE) program provides grants through the Department of Education to enhance international businesses education and to expand the capacity of the business community to engage in international economic activities.  Grants are made to higher education institutions to provide suitable international training to business personnel in various stages of professional development. PCC has secured a grant that provides for two separate trips to China for faculty from the Business Department.

The first trip, referred to as the Softwoods Export Council (SEC) China Trip, in March/April of 2009 will include a PCC faculty representative or two and will allow for participation in: 1) a Furniture Industry Show, 2) meetings with government trade and Chinese business representatives from the furniture manufacturing, design, architectural, and construction industries in Guangzhou, and 3) attend a Trade Seminar and meetings with American or Chinese businesses located in Dalian, Xian, and Shanghai. 

The second trip, referred to as the Business International Education (BIE) China Trip, will enable seven full-time and part-time faculty representatives (including part-time without assignment rights) to travel to China in July, 2009 for two weeks plus travel time.

Eligibility and Application

Who is eligible?

Designed for full-time and part-time (with and without assignment rights) faculty teaching business courses.

How do I learn more and apply?

Additional details, including the application, can be found on here.