Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Below is a listing of where faculty and administrators studied on CIEE and what their seminar topics were. The people who have hyper-linked names have also written testimonials. The link will take you directly to their testimonial. Many of the faculty have also internationalized some of their curriculum based on their CIEE experience. Make sure to check out the Curriculum page.

Country/Seminar Theme PCC Participant
Tibet: Religion, Econolgy and Identity
  • Ross Ronald (2011)
Costa Rica: Lessons in Sustainability
  • Alexie McNerthney (2011)
Spain & Morocco: Coexistence and Challenges of Neighboring Cultures
  • Holly King (2011)
  • Janet Leamy (2011)
Northern Ireland: Truth and Reconciliation
  • Derek Gladwin (2011)
Sweden: Global Energy Issues: Promises and Threats
  • Greg Gerstner (2011)
Tanzania & Kenya: Landscapes and Culture in Kenya
  • Linda Eby (2011)
  • Lynn Larsen (2011)
  • Andrea Lowgren (2011)
Turkey: Identity, Community and Culture in Contemporary Turkey
  • Jerry Brask (2011)
  • Prudence Roberts (2011)
Brazil: Identity, Race and Culture in the Afro Brazilian Heartland
  • Charma Boeschen (2011)
Australia Climate Change: The Reefs and Waterways of Australia
  • Ed Degrauw (2008)
Belgium & Luxembourg: Globalization and the EU
Brazil: The Changing Social Face of Brasil
Cambodia & Vietnam: Post-War Development & Reconciliation in Cambodia & Vietnam
Chile & Argentina: Economic Reform, Regional Integration, and Democratization
  • Yuliana Auld (2008)
China: Exploring China’s Southwest
  • Larry Clausen (2007)
  • April Ann Fong (2007)
  • Margaret Campbell McCrea (2006)
  • Joan Hartley (2008)
  • Leslie Riester (2006)
  • Deborah Sipe (2007)
China: Silk Road
  • Bob Allen (2008)
  • Reuel Kurzet (2008)
  • Bob Pryor (2008)
  • John Sparks (2008)
Czech Republic & Hungary
Ghana Ghana Today: Challenges of a Developing Nation
  • Michael Dembrow (2007)
France & The Netherlands: Muslim Communities in Contemporary Europe
France: Muslims, Jews, and Protestants in France:  Identity, Memory, and the Politics of Belonging
  • Dave Stout (2008)
India: Gender and Development in India
India Cybercities:  Exploring the New Business Economies of South India
Ireland: Celtic Tiger – Reality or Myth?
England: The Disunited Queendom
Japan: Contemporary and Popular Japanese Cultures and Societies
  • Marlene Eid (2006)
  • Tee Wolf Kamoshita (2008)
  • Sam Morgan (2006)
  • John Saito (2008)
  • Candy Solovjos (2006)
  • Takako Yamaguchi (2008)
Jordan: Middle East Conflict and Cooperation
  • Tori Scott (2008)
Peru: A Fusion of Identities:  Examining Peru’s Complex Past, Present, and Future
  • Neal Naigus (2008)
South Africa: Bulding a Multiracial and Multicultural Society
Spain & Morocco: Exploring the Coexistence and Challenges of Neighboring Cultures
Turkey: Civil Society, Politics and Religion in Turkey
  • Bryan Hull (2006)
  • Scott Huff (2008)
  • John Olmsted (2007)
  • John Sneed (2008)