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The Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) is a non-profit, non-governmental international education organization. The CIEE began offering student programs in the postwar world of 1947, and added educator-focused International Faculty Development Seminars (IFDS) in 1990 with the goal of encouraging U.S. colleges and universities to internationalize curricula. Each seminar will bring together 10-20 participants from higher educational institutions from across the U.S. See the testimonials and videos of some PCC faculty who have participated in CIEE and the internationalized curriculum they have created.

Benefits of CIEE Faculty Development Seminars

Hosted by prestigious academic institutions abroad, the CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars are short-term, intensive experiences that offer participants the following benefits:

  • Updates on global issues and regions shaping world events
  • Introductions to scholarly communities overseas
  • Idea exchanges with international colleagues
  • The opportunity to re-examine their own discipline within an international context
  • Global perspectives to incorporate into administration, teaching and research.

Funded by the Office of International Education, the seminars are an international professional development opportunity for FT bargaining unit faculty, PT faculty (with assignment rights) and management in the area of international understanding through participation in the opportunities. As of summer 2008, 50 PCC faculty and administrators have participated. 

Returning faculty participants will then incorporate an international dimension into their existing courses. In addition, all participants (faculty and management) will collaborate to develop international grant proposals supportive of PCC’s Educational Master Plan, (Strategic Area 5) to "Expand and refine the inclusion of international and multicultural aspects of our world across college curricula, services, and related activities" to increase awareness in the PCC community of global issues and an increasingly diverse community.

Eligibility and Application

Who is eligible?
Faculty and administrators from the community college through university level with any academic concentration are encouraged to apply. Participants do not need to be experts on the seminar topic or region.
CIEE 2013 Application
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