Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Rock Creek Campus

Building 3, Room 223 I 971-722-7150 |

Helen Wu, Office Assistant


Deanna Pulliams, International Student Advisorstaff photograph


Deanna Pulliams is an International Student Advisor/DSO. She joined the Office of International Education at Portland Community College in 2008. As an International Student Advisor, her main focus is Immigration and Academic advising to F-1 International Students. Deanna enjoys learning from our students and their diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences and to see students working hard towards their educational goals! She studied History and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan, where she began to participate and cultivate her interests in multicultural diversity. She has a love of travel, arts, and especially food traditions from around the world. She has travelled to Canada, Japan, China and Vietnam. Deanna's favorite hobby is reading; however her most-treasured pastime is to spend time with her family and friends.


Sylvania Campus

CC 215 I 971-722-8310

Sahar Heidar, Office Assistant


Jie Bian, International Student Advisor


Maria Hill, International Student Advisor


Cascade Campus

SU Room 308 | 971-722-5670 |

Mary Elsener, Office Assistant


Tracey Pettit, International Student Advisorstaff photograph


Tracey Garman is an International Student Advisor at PCC. She enjoys being able to serve international students, introduce them to college life and hear the amazing life stories they each have to share. She has worked at PCC since 2003, beginning with International Education in 2008. Before starting her career at PCC, she studied at Clark Community College (Vancouver, WA), so she is familiar with what a great opportunity beginning at a community college can be. Tracey graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree at Washington State University. She has traveled to Taiwan, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. She has lived in the Pacific NW for about 18 years and enjoys all the beauty and adventures to be had here. Her hobbies include outdoor activities, reading, discovering the best burger places in Portland and spending quality time with friends and family.


Southeast Campus

Mt. Scott, Room 106- 971-722-6109

Useni Makano, International Student Advisor (Tuesdays & Thursdays)