Academic Intensive English Program (IE)

International Education English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Portland Community College offers academic English courses on all of its campuses. The program consists of 8 levels. Each course is 11 weeks long during fall, winter, and spring terms. Courses are 8 weeks long during summer term. You may enter a course at the beginning of any term.

The English Language Program prepares students for university studies or for personal needs.

  • 8 levels from beginning to upper advanced
  • Quality instruction and support services
  • Free computer labs equipped with internet and e-mail
  • Free tutoring centers
Studying in a classroom

No TOEFL Score Required

PCC does NOT require a TOEFL score. Instead, all new students MUST take the English placement test during orientation.

  • The English placement test measures your current level of English proficiency.
  • Depending on your level of English proficiency, you may have to take English language classes before you can take regular academic classes.
  • Please review the English Proficiency Requirement.

If you place into English Language Courses

The English language program prepares students for university studies or for personal needs.

Intensive English: IE (Levels 1-3)

Students bowling
  • Levels 1-3 are combined.
  • Depending on the language level, students may need to repeat the IE levels before they can take ESOL level 4.
  • These classes are non- credit, with 18 contact hours per week.
  • These classes are only for international students with F-1 Visas.

English for Speakers of Other Languages: ESOL (Levels 4-8)

  • ESOL classes (level 4-8) are offered at all of the main PCC campuses, and several of the centers.
  • Students in levels 4-8 can earn credits towards an Associate’s degree at PCC, and for transfer credit to a U.S. university.
  • Required classes in reading, writing, and speaking/listening.
  • Special classes at all levels e.g. U.S. culture, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, college preparation, and service-learning.
  • Level 8 is the highest level.
  • You must complete the ESOL program (complete level 8) before you can register full-time for regular academic classes.


Review our hand out additional information about tuition and fees.

  • Intensive English (Levels 1-3) - $2400 per term
  • ESOL Courses (Levels 4-8) - $185 per credit
  • Additional Fees
    • Student Activity Fee - $1.70 per credit
    • Technology Fee - $4.50 per credit
    • College Service Fee - $19 per term
    • Health Insurance (required of all students) - $366 per term

Placement test

College level english

Academic classes

English language classes

Complete level 8

Academic classes

IE Instructors and Staff

Colleen Blohm

Colleen Blohm,
IE Instructor

Sylvia Smith

Sylvia Smith,
IE Instructor

Elizabeth Cole

Elizabeth Cole,
IE Instructor

Melisa Crosby

Melisa Crosby,
IE Instructor

Saundra Rose

Saundra Rose,
IE Instructor

Katherine Neu

Katherine Neu,
IE Assistant

Frazier Angell

Frazier Angell,
IE Assistant