Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

F-1 Student Facts

F-1 International students are students who enter the United States on F-1 student visas. Once these students enter the U.S. they are considered international students in F-1 status. They are in the U.S. for a temporary stay (non-immigrant status) to enroll in a degree program. Students in F-1 status are served by the Office of International Education located at Sylvania, Rock Creek, Cascade, and Southeast Campuses.

  • PCC does not have an open-door admission policy for international students. The Admission Office for international students is located at the Rock Creek Campus, Bldg 3, Room 223. Contact: international@pcc.edu or (971) 722-7150 (At this time, Int’l Admissions only admits students on F-1 visas.¬†Other visa types are directed to regular admissions).
  • International students in F-1 status pay non-resident tuition - see Tuition and Fees for current costs. They do not qualify for financial aid.
  • International students MUST enroll full-time (12 credits) each term. They MUST receive approval from an international student advisor before dropping below 12 credits.
  • International students who do not meet the full-time requirement are considered “out-of-status” and must apply to immigration for reinstatement. However, many international students may not be eligible for a reinstatement and may have to return to their home country. ¬†See below for information on how to maintain status.
  • Only one on-line/distance education class or three credits per term may count towards the 12 credit requirement each term.
  • Grades or marks such as “W”, “AUD”, “CIPR”, are not acceptable to meet the 12 credit requirement and will jeopardize their immigration status in the U.S. It is better for these students to take a failing grade.
  • International students can work part-time on-campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week. They must apply for a work permit through immigration to work off-campus.
  • International students are eligible to enroll for Cooperative Education courses. If the work required is off-campus they must receive a work permit from the Office of International Education prior to beginning work.
  • It is extremely important for an F-1 student to maintain his or her status while in the U.S. Failure to maintain the terms and conditions of your F-1 student visa is a ground for removal from the U.S. (deportation).
  • If you have not maintained your F-1 status, see, Reinstatement To F-1 Status After A Status Violation.