North View Gallery

Sylvania CT 214 Building | Gallery Director: Mark Smith

A Painting and its Curious History

A Painting and its Curious History

Painted Works and Supplemental Items

Jonathan Dukehart

Grant Hottle

Ryan Pierce

Bailey Winters

Minjin Yang

November 11 through December 13
Gallery Hours:
Monday through Friday: 8am – 4pm, Saturday: 12 noon - 4pm
Opening Reception:
Thursday, Nov 14, 1pm to 4pm
Special Reception:
Special Closing Reception to be announced

About the exhibition

This group exhibition features paintings by five Portland area artists, who have generously included completed visual statements alongside the sketches, doodles, objects and diagrams that form the impetus for their ideas.   While it is impossible to bring an artist’s studio into the gallery, the exhibition introduces items—less formal than actual studies—normally seen pinned to walls or layered on tables and shelves in the workspace, which the artists live with and think about day to day.  Those items are in essence, the story behind the story of the painting and their inclusion here will hopefully bring richness and depth to the viewer’s perception of the work.