North View Gallery

Sylvania CT 214 Building | Gallery Director: Mark Smith

Atrox Somes

Brigitte Dortmund, Katie Dunbar, Andrea Rosselle, John Tolles, James Wallace-Mischke

dark painting labeled atrox somes
January 10 to February 8, 2013
Opening Reception:
Thursday, January 10, 4 to 7pm
Curator’s Talk :
James Wallace-Mischke, Wednesday, January 16, 1 to 2pm

About the exhibition

The mind is predominantly determined by the form of the human body, understanding (awareness of our environment and ourselves) is shaped by aspects of our physical self as interpreted by the brain. It is not just by the five senses alone that the world is revealed to us but a constant ongoing interaction between the body, the mind, and our environment.

Our awareness of the world…our place in it, our social interactions, how we view ourselves and how others view us, is determined by this relation of body, environment, and mind. What happens then when the information that progresses through our senses to our interpretive mind is altered due to physical or mental changes brought about by illness, injury or disorder? How does an individual’s perception change in response to such an occurrence?

The Atrox Somes exhibition is comprised of a group of artists who have confronted a life changing health issue (whether directly or indirectly) in their lives. The altered perceptual state that has resulted from these experiences is the focus of the artistic works presented.

“We act in every situation, not just on the basis of colors and smells (not even all five senses crossed so each is in the others), nor just by motions in geometric space. Rather, we act from the bodily sense of each situation. Without the bodily sense of the situation we would not know where we are, [who we are], nor what we are doing.” (from The primacy of the body, not the primacy of perception by E.T. Gendlin).