North View Gallery

Sylvania CT 214 Building | Gallery Director: Vicki Wilson

2009 Best in Show by Heron Bassett

"Friendly Fire" by Heron Bassett 2009 Best in Show winner

Juried PCC Sylvania Student Art Exhibition

Now accepting applications! See Eligibility and How to Enter below.

Exhibition dates:
April 15 to May 14, 2010
Reception and Awards Ceremony:
Monday, May 10: 3pm to 5pm


  • Artwork, in any media, that has been created to fulfill a PCC Sylvania Campus art class assignment between May 2009 and May 2010 is eligible.
  • Eligible work comes from classes in the following departments: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Design, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics, Calligraphy, Graphic Design, Architecture and Interior Design
  • An artwork that was submitted to this show in a previous year is not eligible.
  • An artwork created on another campus, or at another school is not eligible.
  • An artwork that was not created to fulfill a class assignment is not eligible.
  • You do not have to be currently enrolled at PCC for your work from other terms to be eligible.

The purpose of the PCC Sylvania Juried Student Art Exhibition is to showcase the artwork that results from a combination of outstanding students, and exceptional instruction. The work for the show is selected by an individual (or a panel) that is not a member of PCC’s faculty. The "Juried" show is an educational opportunity for art students who have not yet experienced this common art show practice, as well as a mark of prestige for students who are selected to participate.

How to enter

Read this form completely including all dates and rules!

  1. Obtain entry form online, the gallery or art office.
  2. Completely fill out and separate labels for each piece you are submitting
  3. Affix one label to the backside of the artwork (or the bottom of your sculpture)
  4. Fill out the Inventory page and write a brief statement about each piece of art.
  5. Submit the inventory page to the gallery along with your labeled artwork.
  6. Check back with the gallery after the jury process is over to pick up any work that was not selected.


Art Drop off at the North View Gallery:
Monday, April 5 to Friday, April 9 from 10am to 4pm
Art work will be juried:
The weekend of April 10 and 11
Pick up work that was not selected to be in the show:
Monday April 12, Tuesday April 13 and Wednesday April 14, from 10:00 am-4:00pm
Exhibition dates:
April 15-May 14, 2010
Reception and Awards Ceremony:
Monday, May 10, 3-5pm
Pick up work after the show:
Monday May 17, Tuesday May 18, and Wednesday May 19, from 10am to 4pm


  1. You may submit up to 3 works for consideration.
  2. Work that is not show-ready (see below*) will not be accepted.
  3. No work will be accepted after the drop off dates and times.
  4. You must make arrangements to pick up work on the designated days, or have someone do it for you if you are unable to.
  5. Under no circumstances may exhibited work be removed or changed before the end of the exhibition.
  6. Any piece requiring special installation procedures should be delivered with clear type written instructions and appropriate hardware. Please be aware that jury selection will take place before work is installed so you may wish to include a photo of the installed work if there is complicated installation involved.
  7. All work, even work declared "not for sale" must have a declared value in order to calculate insurance rate for the work. No work will have a stated insurance value of more than $250 without permission of the gallery director. North View gallery takes no commission, and prices will not be posted. Any inquiries regarding sales will be referred directly to the artist.
  8. Submission of work to this exhibition constitutes permission to have work photographed and reproduced at the discretion of the Gallery.

Show Ready Workshop

Come into the gallery during the drop times for advice and help getting your artwork ready for the show. 2-D artwork must be ready to hang on the wall (hanging hardware/wire on the back). Drawings must be matted or attached to a rigid surface (mat board or foam core). Unframed paintings should have a neatly painted edge. Please do not submit broken or unstable work.

A note about the Jurors:
This year, the show will be juried by a panel of artists from Blackfish Gallery.
1st Place 2-Dimensional and 1st Place 3-Dimensional will each receive a $50 gift card to Art Media. Marylhurst University will be selecting students for tuition waiver awards. Other awards may be announced later.

If you miss the opportunity to apply for this year’s show because you are still working on a piece, be sure to sign up for the student show notification mailing list at the gallery desk. Questions: Contact Vicki Wilson at