Previous Exhibitions

2016-2017 Exhibitions

Justseeds: Making ChangeJustseeds
PCC Cascade's Paragon Art Gallery Presents: Making Change, featuring prints from Justseeds. The gallery will be hosting a variety of free, interactive events and workshops that are open to the public to promote positive social change.
Paragon Arts Annual Juried Student Exhibition
Guest juror Stephanie Parrish from the Portland Art Museum
Shannon Sullivan, Interactive Bubble Array Two Ceramics Installations and Seven Artists
Both exhibits In conjunction with the NCECA 2017 Conference (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts)
The Future Wild
Signal Fire and PCC's Paragon Art Gallery present The Future Wild, a group exhibition responding to the concept of wilderness.

2015-2016 Exhibitions

Scrapbook – Selections from The Clifford Walker Collection
Photographs, graphics and art prints all with connections to Mr. Walker’s life, family activism and our shared history.
Tempo & Transition
An exhibition with community collaboration, which includes animation and video created in a variety of materials and by a variety of artists responding to the theme of time and change.
Talking About the Obvious
Cascade Gallery is pleased to host Talking About the Obvious, two installations that in tandem propel us to contemplate one environment and the interconnectedness of environmental and social justice.
Please Pay Attention Please
Hannah Newman presents an installation inside the gallery that directs our attention to our attention.
American Pastoral
Cascade Gallery presents American Pastoral
by Julia E. Freeman
HAND MADE & Satellite: Juried Student Art Exhibit/s
Over fifty student works representing, photography, mixed media, assemblage, ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing and more.
Tourist’s Folly/Sideshow
Cascade Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition of themed print portfolios. Tourist’s Folly is comprised of prints by local national and international artists, and Sideshow themed prints from by PCC student artist portfolios.
Moth, Flame, Desire
Cascade Gallery presents Moth, Flame, Desire
by Kaia Sand
A God in the Hearth: A Visual Essay on Fire and Fossil Fuels
Cascade Gallery presents A God in the Hearth: A Visual Essay on Fire and Fossil Fuels
by David Carmack Lewis
Documenting Chicano Life and ActivismDocumenting Chicano Life and Activism
Cascade Gallery presents Documenting Chicano Life and Activism
by Oscar R. Castillo

2014-2015 Exhibitions

Cascade Gallery presents School/Work, PCC Cascade Campus Art Faculty and Staff Exhibition
Made at PCC: Cascade - Student Art ExhibitionMade at PCC Cascade: Student Art Exhibition
The PCC Cascade Campus Student Art Exhibition "Made at PCC Cascade" is a group show of work by our art students in the past year.
In the Cloud by Joe BattIn the Cloud
Cascade Gallery presents In the Cloud
by Joe Batt
Silent Scream by Eun-Kyung SuhSilent Scream
Cascade Gallery presents Silent Scream
by Eun-Kyung Suh
Silenced Echoes by Andy BehrleSilenced Echoes
Cascade Gallery presents Silenced Echoes
by Andy Behrle
S. TudykQuiet Existence
Cascade Gallery presents Quiet Existence
by S. Tudyk

2013-2014 Exhibitions

Greenwood and Sampson"What's in the Bag?" — A Community Art Project
Cascade Gallery presents "What's in the Bag?"
by Anne Greenwood with Sandy Sampson
Student ShowMade at PCC Cascade: Student Art Exhibition
The PCC Cascade Campus Student Art Exhibit, Made at PCC Cascade, is a group exhibit of work done by our art students in the past year.
WilsonTammy Jo Wilson: Perspective
Cascade Gallery presents Tammy Jo Wilson’s new and recent work exploring identity and race.
LittekenMatthew W. Litteken: One Must Learn to Seduce
Cascade Gallery presents Matthew Litteken’s paintings and installations exploring and critiquing consumerism.
FinleyLeah Wilson: Distillations of Place
Leah Wilson’s non-representational paintings of abstract color patterns address changes within ecosystems over time.
BruggemanInge Bruggeman: Where do I put it if not on paper?
Ink on paper, words on the page – how long will we hold on to this physical connection to language and information?

2012-2013 Exhibitions

student collageSCHOOL/WORK: PCC Cascade Campus Art Faculty and Staff Exhibition
The art exhibit highlights the diversity of media and concepts that our faculty members explore.
student collageMADE AT PCC CASCADE: PCC Cascade Campus Student Art Exhibition
The show highlights the broad range of artwork made in PCC art classes.
image of microbesLaura Ahola-Young: Prodromes
Ahola-Young reworks her paintings’ surfaces with glazes and scraping in order to reflect history and memory of a structure.
painting of womanGarrick Imatani: After the Fall
Garrick Imatani takes and makes images, objects, and actions that range from graphite documents, cyanotypes, and documentary video to figurative sculpture, tours, and collaborative public events.
painting of womanPaul X. Rutz: The Measure of a Body
An exhibition of life-sized oil paintings by Portland artist Paul X. Rutz, former Naval Officer, ballet dancer and newswire reporter.
painting of sheepHeather D. Freeman: Mamma's Boy and Jeff Murphy: Dig
“Dig” by Murphy and “Mamma’s Boy” by Freeman, both of Charlotte, North Carolina, explore the nature of parenthood and childhood in relation to the non-familial world.

2011-2012 Exhibitions

cascade campusCascade Faculty and Staff Exhibition
The PCC Cascade Gallery is proud to present, for the very first time, a Cascade Campus non-Art Department staff and faculty exhibition. Please join us in celebrating the talent and artistry of our employees.
cascade campusStudent Art Exhibition: Made at Cascade
The Cascade Gallery is featuring the PCC Cascade Campus Student Art Exhibit, Made at Cascade. This group exhibit of work done by our art students highlights the board range of works with an array of techniques and artistic expressions.
photo of hands and a man carrying a boxMichael Todd Arrigo: Packing Up
Cascade Gallery presents a video installation and video stills by Ohio artist, Michael Todd Arrigo. "Most of my recent work begins as simple interactions with my family. I preserve some aspect of these interactions as photos, video or audio snippets and display them in ways that expose the meaning and strangeness immanent in commonplace objects and activities."
photo of hands and a man carrying a boxErin Galvez: Materialism
photo of sculpture with man and chickensJeff and Sabrina Williams: American Dream
Cascade Gallery presents an installation by a photography exhibition by Floridian artist team Jeff and Sabrina Williams. A merging of personal experience, dreams and an "on the road" documentation of American culture inspire these miniaturized illustrations.
frosting sculptureMylan Rakich: Frosting
Cascade Gallery presents an installation by Portland-based sculptor, Mylan Rakich. Rakich's works are primarily large scale steel fabrications that are lyrical and incorporate the industrial and natural worlds.

2010-2011 Exhibitions

Faculty and Staff Exhibition 2011
Cascade Gallery is featuring an exhibition by PCC Cascade Campus Art Faculty and Staff. 
Student Art Exhibit: MADE AT CASCADE
Cascade Art Students are presenting works in ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and mixed media allowing the scope of their vision to expand while gaining insight into new materials and ideas.
Yuji Hiratsuka - Figures: Dialogue/Monologue
The works of Yuji Hiratsuka: original color intaglio prints and collaged intaglio prints featuring whimsical figures expressing human conditions and moods.
Carrie Iverson: Cusp
Cascade Gallery presents the works of Carrie Iverson, Portland-based Iverson is a painter, printmaker and glass artist.
Ceramics PDX: College Faculty Exhibition
Cascade Gallery is featuring the recent work of Ceramics faculty from the Portland Metro area’s colleges and universities.
With the Happy Crowd
Cascade Gallery is featuring the current works of Ohioan Photographer, Katie Shannon.