Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Art Faculty and Staff exhibitSchool/Work
Cascade Gallery is featuring an exhibition by PCC Cascade Campus Art Faculty and Staff. As teachers of art and working artists, they are practicing in many of the same mediums that are offered at PCC.
Made at CascadeMade at Cascade: Student Art Exhibit
Cascade Art Students are presenting works in ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and mixed media allowing the scope of their vision to expand while gaining insight into new materials and ideas.
piece from Heidi Schwegler exhibit, 'Slipping Underwater'Scriabin’s Mustache by Jack Ryan
Alexander Scriabin was a Russian composer whose life and eccentricities becomes a conceptual nexus for this collection of work. Killed by combing and rupturing a carbuncle nested in his flamboyant mustache, Scriabin’s life and musical oeuvre is an opportunity to construct and explore Ryan’s interest in conspiracies of form and the poetics of ideas.
piece from Heidi Schwegler exhibit, 'Slipping Underwater'Slipping Underwater by Heidi Schwegler
Schwegler is acknowledging Sartre’s existential concept that refers to self-deception, "I must know the truth very exactly in order to conceal it more carefully", (Sartre, Being and Nothingness).
montage from Brian Gillis exhibit, '...on Wednesday'...on Wednesday by Brian Gillis
Gillis as a storyteller asks a lot of questions both of his audience and himself. Gillis’s work is socially relevant, audience activated, and engaged. His installation of juxtaposed images, objects, and even spaces call to summon stories that elicit rich metaphors and social exchanges in an effort to arouse awareness, introspection and valuation.
Flower Shower by Mary Warner
Cascade Gallery starts its 2009-2010 programming with a refreshing flower shower by painter Mary Warner. For centuries, artists of this genre have sought to capture the beauty of flowers emulating floral luster, colors and textures. The fragility and short life of flowers can seemingly be averted through the perceptibly permanent medium of oil paint on canvas.