Cascade Gallery Exhibition

Christopher James Brown, Tooling AroundChristopher James Brown, Tooling Around

October 1st through November 5th, 2008
9am-5pm, Monday through Friday
October 1st, Wednesday, 4-7pm
Artist Talk:
October 8th, Wednesday, 4 to 5pm

Cascade Gallery is presenting Christopher James Brown, Tooling Around, an exhibition of sculptures, paintings, and installation. Brown uses glue, ink and wood to create non objective works of art that are not stuck in the give and take of fine art versus high craft. Brown’s extensive knowledge in furniture making moves such concepts as support, containment, structure, and space to formulate new conjectures of mastery.

These works of art hold close to the basic forms of Modernist design; the circle, the square and the triangle yet, explore such concepts as compression and tension. Rather than wondering: how did he do it, that must have taken hours to perfect or being pushed away the viewer is pulled towards the work locked in a gaze of awe.

Images from the Exhibition

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