Policies and Procedures

Contact: Jean Atkinson | 971-722-4316 | FAX: 971-722-4233

Welcome to PCC Catering!

In order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, we provide you with all the necessary information to have a successful event, but don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. You will need to have your catering order placed at least 4 business days prior to an event to avoid incurring a late charge. Campus departments and student organizations with PCC budget codes will place orders directly through the catering department using the Catering Order Form. The department ordering food will need to sign and return the Food Service Authorization prior to their event.

Catered events that are not affiliated with PCC will require a signed contract and 50% deposit 2 weeks prior to the event and final payment due 2 weeks after the final invoice.

Room Reservations


We recommend that you call and reserve the date and locations of your event as early as possible, even if the date is tentative. Staff members check for availability of space and arrange set up of your event.

The Sylvania Campus Catering Rooms reservations can be coordinated with the District Food Service Department at 971-722-4316 (all other reservation contacts are listed under Planning Your Event)

Room Set Up

After reserving your space location, the next step is to arrange your room set up. If you have reserved one of the Sylvania Catering Rooms, you will coordinate your chair and table needs with Food Service. If you reserved a room through Facilities, you will need to email the Service Request Center at src@pcc.edu to request your table and chair needs.

Media Needs

If you have any media or audio visual needs, you will need to complete the Audio Visual Request form to reserve the equipment you need. You can find the form on the Media Services website.

Special Diets

Special diets ranging from vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant and specific food allergies can be accommodated. Please discuss these options when making your catering arrangements. There may be an additional charge for some special diet needs.

Preparing to Place Your Order

Before placing your order, be sure you have the following information:

  • Estimated Guest Count
  • Event Time(s)
  • Location
  • Menu (if you need assistance with this, contact us - we're here to help!)
  • Linen and/or China needs
  • Billing & Contact Information
  • All Program Specific Details
    • Meeting Times/Breaks
    • Speakers or other activities where staff need to be out of the room

Final Guest Counts

When placing a catering order, please provide an estimated guest count reflecting the realistic number of guests expected. A guaranteed final guest count is due five full business days prior to your event. Catering will be prepared to serve 10% over the final guest count if necessary. Billing is based on the number served by the Food Service Department if it exceeds the final guest count. Any guest counts that are increased after the final deadline and can be accommodated, will be subject to an additional charge of $2.00 per person.

How to Place the Order

Orders are placed online using the Catering Order Form. Your order is not finalized or confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from PCC Catering with your estimated total. If you have questions, you can contact Jean Atkinson at 971-722-4316 or stop by our office located in the CC Building in room 250.


Delivery is complimentary for on campus orders of $50 or more. Orders not meeting this minimum amount, but being held on campus will incur a $15 charge to cover incremental costs. For small orders under $50, the orders can be picked up at the Campus Dining Centers on each campus and avoid the delivery fee. Any delivery that requires crossing a public street will be charged $25.

Delivery and pick-up will occur according to the schedule that was arranged at booking. All equipment delivered from the catering department is the responsibility of the customer. Removal of any serving equipment will incur necessary charges and will be added to your final bill. Each additional delivery for the same event will incur a $15 charge.


Events or menu items may be canceled anytime prior to seven days before the event with no charge. Event or menu items canceled less than seven days before the event will result in a $50.00 processing fee. Orders canceled within 48 hours of the event are subject to 100% charge for all items ordered. We do understand that last minute cancellations are occasionally unavoidable. We will work with you to minimize those charges.

Billing & Signed Contracts

Campus departments and student organizations with a PCC budget code will place orders directly through the catering online order form. The department ordering food will need to sign and return the emailed invoice prior to the event. Events that are honored prior to the receipt of the signed invoice will be billed an additional $25 processing fee.

The Food Service Department has the exclusive right to provide food and beverage services when using a college facility. Use of an off site caterer is prohibited unless approved, in writing, by the College Director of Auxiliary Services.

Weekend & Evening Catering

Any request for weekend or evening catering is based on when Food Services is closed and will be based on advanced booking and must be approved by the Food Service Manager. Weekend or evening services may require an additional service fee in order to cover the added staffing needs.

Custom Rental

Food Service supplies white linen tablecloths for the food serving table(s) at no charge. Food Services can coordinate the rental of linens for the seating tables if ordered two weeks in advance of the event. The additional cost will be reflected on your final invoice. If Food Service is unable to provide a specific color of linen requested the client may choose to rent them on their own. It is the responsibility of the client to remove and return linens rented from outside the Food Service Department.

Food Holding and Leftovers

All perishable food will be held for two-hours before being removed by our food service staff. Due to Health Department regulations, perishable leftovers may not be removed from the event site. PCC will not be held responsible for food items removed without our knowledge or prior consent.