Theatre Policies

Sylvania Campus | PAC Scheduler:

Please note that all events require a minimum of one PAC Supervisor present during all hours Client is on PCC premises. See the Personnel charges and policies.

Stage Rigging

Only PCC staff may use the PAC rigging system. Any rigging equipment provided by Client must comply with USITT rigging standards. PCC reserves the right to inspect rigging and prohibit use of unsafe rigging practices.

Restore of House Lighting REP Plot

PCC Provides a lighting REP plot complete with focused & gelled lights. If Client requires changing light REP plot, personnel costs for changes PLUS costs for restoring the plot after Client’s event will be charged to the Client.


All scenery must be approved by Frances Marsh--PAC Rental Event Coordinator. Who, at her discretion may require Client to provide proof that all scenery is constructed safely and of flame retarded material. Such proof must consist of a label attached to scenery indicating that it has been fire retarded with a date in evidence. The PCC Rental Event Coordinator may also, at their discretion, ask Client to provide a sample of the scenery material for flame testing.

Special Effects Permits

Open flame, or pyrotechnic effects such as flash pots, candles, etc., requires the Client obtain a Fire Permit from the City of Portland Fire Marshall 5 days prior to their use on stage. Permits must be posted and on file in PAC 108 during event.

State Fire Marshal
1300 SE Gideon
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-823-3712