Personnel Charges and Policies

Sylvania Campus | PAC Scheduler:

Personnel policies are below this personnel charges data table.

Position Hourly Rate (4 hour minimum) Overtime Rate (after 40 hours) Notes
Event Supervisor $23 $34.50 required for any use of a PAC venue
Technical Director $23 $34.50 required at the discretion of PCC
Stage Manager $23 $34.50 required at the discretion of PCC
Lighting Designer $23 $34.50 required for any lighting changes
Light Board Tech $16 $24 basic on/off board operation - with no lighting changes
Spot Operator $23 $34.50 required for use of follow spot
Master Electrician $23 $34.50 required for <5-7 instrument changes to light plot
Projectionist $16 $24 required at the discretion of PCC
Sound Designer $23 $34.50 required for events with <4 mics
Sound Assistant $16 $24 required for >4 mics or w/ SD for events with sound mixing
Rigger $16 $24 required if using fly rail (ie: grand, banners, ect.)
House Manager $21 $34.50 required for all PAC Auditorium events
Stage Crew $16 $24 required at the discretion of PCC for load in, run of show and/or strike
Set Up Crew $16 $24 required for set up/lobby help or at the discretion of PCC

Personnel Policies

All events require a minimum of one PAC Supervisor present during all hours Client is on PCC premises.

  • PCC Supervisor/Crew call is 30 minutes prior to Client entering the building to open and prep the space.
  • Supervisor/Crew call is 90 minutes prior to Curtain during performance/event dates.
  • All crew calls are 4-hour minimum.

Paper Tech meeting is required for all events, unless otherwise determined by the PAC Scheduler--with 3 days
minimum notice required.

  • Crew call for Paper Tech is 4-hour minimum.

PCC House Manager is required for all auditorium rentals.

  • Call is no less than 90 minutes prior to Curtain.

PCC does not provide Box Office staff or Ushers. PCC does not provide ticket sales services.

Meals & Breaks Policy

  • 1-hour meal break, PAC is closed with no clients in the space during break--crew remains off the clock
  • 30-minute meal break, PAC is open during break--Client pays for meals and PAC crew remains on the clock.
  • PCC will provide staff meals. Client will be charged $10 for each meal.
Federal Labor laws for breaks & meals
  • 1-hour meal break is required after every 5-hour shift. NO EXEPTIONS.
  • 15 minute break is required every two hours (excluding rehearsals & performances).