Auditorium and Lobby

Sylvania Campus | PAC Scheduler: Dan Hays | 971-722-4284

Renting the Auditorium and Lobby

PAC Auditorium

The Auditorium and Lobby have been rented to put on productions and events such as East Indian Dances and annual winter Nutcracker performances. The lobby alone has been rented for mic and podium lectures and readings.

Base Rental Rate Includes

  • 400-seat auditorium, stage, lobby, one dressing room
  • Basic Rep plot lighting (100+ lights)
  • Up to 4 microphones
  • Up to 2 wireless microphones
  • Spike Tape & Glow Tape
  • 2 Rolls Gaff Tape (No Duct Tape Allowed)


Rates Commercial Day Rate Non-Profit Day Rate Rehearsal Day Rate Commercial Hourly Rate Non-Profit Hourly Rate Rehearsal Hourly Rate
Auditorium $825 $675 $420 $130 $105 $80
Lobby $300 $250 NA $75 $60 NA

Please note: All events require a minimum of one PAC Supervisor present during all hours Client is on PCC premises. See Personnel charges and policies.

For additional rules that apply specifically to rental of any of the theatres, please view the Theatre Policies and Guest Rules.

Additional Equipment Charges

  • 30’ x 40’ Black/Gray Marley Dance Floor = $150 + labor
  • 7’ Yamaha Grand Piano/Upright Piano = $150
    (Includes professional tuning)
  • Orchestra Pit Removal/Return = $150 + labor
  • Hitachi 4500 lumen Projector = $200
  • Additional Rolls-Gaff Tape = $15 (per roll)