International Education Week 2013 - Keynote

For more information, contact Rachel Krueger | Office of International Education

"The Whole World Sings"

Presenter: Parfait Bassale

  • Rock Creek Event Center Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 1 - 3pm
  • Sylvania Fir/Elm/Oak Rooms Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 11am - 1pm
  • Southeast Great Hall Thursday, Nov. 14th, 12 noon - 2pm
  • Cascade SC Underground Friday, Nov. 15th, 11am - 1pm

Born in Benin (West Africa), singer, songwriter, educator and researcher Parfait Bassalé began using music to process his emotional states at a young age. Because his father worked for an overseas company, Parfait faced the challenges related to migration early in life (language barriers, cultural differences, integration etc…). In tradition of blues music, songs and poetry became his preferred outlets for dealing with the pain of being a transient sojourner in this world, and for formulating his hopes for a better tomorrow. During International Education Week, Parfait will visit each PCC campus and will speak about his life experiences and his research on a song centered approach to education. Parfait will perform several of his original songs in these interactive workshops.

Parfait currently lives in Portland and performs at various venues and creates curriculum for students, educators, counselors, mentors and community leaders. For more information about Parfait, his music, appearances, and other causes, visit