Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Black History's Implication into the Present: Black History Month 2015

Join us in celebrating Black History Month with a variety of events across the district.

All Month

Black Lives Matter

Cascade, Moriarty Gallery

An African American Student Art Exhibit brought to you by the PCC Cascade Art Club.

African American Literature Exhibit

Cascade, Library

A rotating exhibit of African American authors, artist, and historians. Sponsored: PCC Library.

February 3

Black History Month Kickoff

2 - 4pm, Cascade, Student Union 204

Join the Black Student Union as we begin celebrating Black History Month at PCC Cascade. Susan Addy from the Obo Addy Legacy Project will be performing. Obo Addy Legacy Project provides African Arts and Education in our community reaching more than 30,000 Oregon youth and families each year since 1986. Join us for food, entertainment and celebration. Sponsored by: Black Student Union/ASPCC

February 4

P.D.A.R (Purposeful Dialogues about Race)

12 noon - 1:30pm, Cascade, CH 102 (Teaching Learning Center)

Sponsored by: Diversity Council

February 5

Black Faculty & Staff Luncheon

12 noon - 1pm, Cascade, CH 102 (Teaching Learning Center)

Lunch for self identified Black staff and faculty. Sponsored by: Multicultural Center/Diversity Council

Black Girl in Suburbia

3 -5:30pm, Cascade, Student Union 203

Black Girl In Suburbia is a feature documentary that looks into the experiences of black girls growing up in predominantly white communities. This is a different look into suburbia from the perspective of women of color. This film explores through professional and personal interviews the conflict and issues black girls have relating to both white and black communities. Sponsored by: TLC/Office of Equity and Inclusion.

February 9 - 13

Legacy Exhibit: At The Hands of Medicine, In the Name of Science

Sylvania, Upper CC Mall

A creative and educational student-led multimedia project illustrating the legacy of medical and scientific racism in the United States!

February 9

Journey to the Freedom Rides (Film)

12 noon - 2pm, Cascade, Student Union 302 (Multicultural Center)

The story behind a courageous band of civil rights activists called Freedom Riders who in 1961 challenged segregation in the American South. Sponsored by: BSU/MC.

February 10

Film and facilitated Dialogue on "Vanport: Oregon's Lost City"

12 noon - 1:30pm, Southeast, Mt. Tabor Hall Room 150 (Multicultural Center)

February 11

Black Men's Health Forum

1:30 - 3pm, Cascade, Student Union 203

Panel discussion with Dr. Johnson, Dr. Meeks, and Dr. Perry. Sponsored by: MC.

Living Black History - "Getting Better Not Bitter"

12 noon - 1pm, Rock Creek, Building 7 Room 118 (Multicultural Center)

Speaker: Joseph Almond, MA, Author, Coach, Resiliency Expert, JA Enterprises. See Joseph's website and book: Get Better Not Bitter.

February 12

Guest Poet and Educator: Turiya Autry

12 - 12:45pm, Sylvania cafeteria: Spoken Word Performance

1 - 3pm, Sylvania CC building, Fir/Elm rooms: Race, Gender, and Power Workshop

For nearly two-decades Turiya has spent her time educating, motivating and inspiring audiences of all ages. Collaborating and opening for renowned leaders like Nikki Giovanni, Angela Davis and Hillary Clinton, Turiya delivers messages that resonate with wide audiences. Her work incorporates the arts, pop culture, and history, with personal, community and political struggles.

February 16 - 17

Roosevelt HS Local Freedom Fighters Exhibit

All Day, Cascade, Student Union

Sponsored by: Roosevelt HS

February 17

No Man Can Hinder Me

7:30 - 9pm, Cascade, Moriarty Auditorium

Sponsored by: BSU

Lecture: Violence as a Public Health Issue by Abdullah Hafeedh

1-3pm, Sylvania, Library 204

Abdul'Hafeedh bin Abdullah is a health promoter and faith community leader, whose work focuses on building healthy, thriving communities and addresses the intersections of violence prevention, social justice, and the holistic cultivation of self-efficacy.

February 18

Poetry in the Fight for Social Justice

2pm - 3:30pm, Cascade, location TBA

Headlining this BSU sponsored event is poet and activist Walidah Imarisha. Walidah Imarisha: A historian at heart, reporter by (w)right, rebel by reason, Walidah Imarisha is an educator, writer, organizer and spoken word artist. Walidah Imarisha will she perform a 45 minute set followed by discussion. Sponsored by: BSU/MC/Phi Theta Kappa.

February 19

Health Equity Films and Dialogue Series

2 - 3:30pm, Southeast, Mt. Tabor Hall Room 150 (Multicultural Center)

Part 3: "Touching the Dream", focused on the experience of African Americans.

February 21

Making Your Courses More Culturally Relevant

9am - 4pm, Cascade, CH 112

Course for faculty with Cary, Goodman, Harrison, Hunter-Bernstein, Martinez-Alicea. One of PCC's Core Outcomes is that our students develop a sense of Cultural Awareness. This course was designed to assist you in helping your students meet this outcome. It will provide you with tools to examine your own courses in regard to cultural awareness. It will present various strategies for selecting learning materials and finding opportunities to lead activities and discussions to promote cultural awareness while still being authentic and relevant to the subject area being taught. You will learn several assessment strategies to determine the effectiveness of your instruction in meeting this outcome. The course will be led by instructors from a variety of disciplines: Math, History, Computer Information Systems, and Education; the class will also provide you with the opportunity to share your ideas with fellow instructors in your discipline and other fields. Sponsored by: Continuing Coach Education.

February 23 - 27

Black History in Oregon: a timeline exhibit

Southeast, Mt. Tabor Hall Room 150 (Multicultural Center)

February 24

Brothers of the Blacklist (Film)

12 noon - 2pm and 6 - 8pm, Cascade, Student Union 203

In "Brothers of the Black List", director Sean Gallagher tracks this story of racism that became the longest litigated civil rights case in American history. Sponsored by: MC/E&I/ Multicultural advisor council.

February 25

Lecture: The History of Protest and Resistance by Dr. Carmen Thompson

11am - 12:30pm, Sylvania, CC Oak Room

Dr. Thompson is a history instructor at PCC and has taught courses including the U.S. History survey, the African American History survey, Introduction to History, and Race and Racism. She holds a Masters in African American Studies from Columbia University and a PhD in U.S. History from the University of Illinois. Dr. Thompson’s research interests include the history of slavery and the slave trade in the early America and Pre-colonial West Africa, early African American history, race and racism in America, and the Great Migration.

Hip Hop - The Real Meaning

12 noon - 1:30pm, Cascade, Student Union 302 (Multicultural Center)

Discussion on the social implications of Hip Hop and it's influence dominant culture. Sponsored by the Multicultural Center.

Film Screening and Discussion: COINTELPRO 101

3 - 4:30pm, Sylvania, CC 267 (Multicultural Center)

Exposes the illegal surveillance and murder committed by the US government between 1950-1970. Cointelpro refers to the FBI COunter INTELigence PROgram designed to imprison and eliminate leaders of social justice movements. Through interviews and rare footage, the film examines a period of intense repression and draws relevant lessons for the present and future.

Film Screening: Selma

5 - 8pm, Cascade, Terrell Hall

There will also be a reception beginning at 4pm.

February 26

Film Screening: Black Girl in Suburbia

3:30 - 5:30pm, Rock Creek, Building 7 Room 117 (Teaching Learning Center)

Film Screening with the Filmmaker. (Watch the trailer.)