Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


  • Intern Application available online
  • March 16: Application deadline
  • April: Review process and interviews of prospective interns
  • April & May : Mentor Application process starts, mentor training
  • June: Mentor & Intern pairings are announced
  • August: Intern Orientation
  • September: Mentor training

There will be two four-hour seminars for both interns and mentors per term.

The Faculty Diversity Internship Program (FDIP) is designed for individuals interested in pursuing a teaching career at Portland Community College. Participants are paired with a faculty mentor to receive training and classroom teaching experience through a three term internship program. PCC is committed to attracting applicants from racially, culturally, and ethnically diverse communities who aspire to become community college faculty.

Program Benefits:

  • Valuable connections with a faculty mentor and PCC;
  • $500 stipend for each of fall and winter terms and adjunct faculty compensation for one class, spring term;
  • Increased knowledge, skill, and teaching expertise;
  • Development of critical teaching pedagogy, learning strategies, multiculturalism, and diversity in community college environments;
  • Participation in Diversity and Equity Training, New Faculty Institute, and college-wide diversity programs


Minimum Instructor Qualifications may vary, depending on the faculty intern role.

  • Must have completed any formal education requirements in the appropriate discipline(s) before the start of the fall term;
  • No prior professional college teaching experience; (Teaching Assistant experience accepted.)
  • Strong desire to be a part-time or full-time community college faculty member;
  • Must bring cultural competence and diversity to the program