President's Entrepreneurial Advisory Council (PEAK)

Contact co-chairs Jim Langstraat and Heiko Spoddeck

Mission and Vision of PEAK


To enhance the financial stability of the college.


The President's Entrepreneurial Advisory Council will serve the PCC President by highlighting, supporting, and soliciting sustainable, innovative, and effective measures to save costs, reduce costs, and generate revenue for PCC.

Who We Are

PEAK is a district-wide council made up of members from administration, instruction, and student services across disciplines.


PEAK values the creativity of PCC employees to generate ideas that support the financial stability of PCC. We further value

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Entrepreneurialism


  • To solicit, promote, and support ideas that save costs, reduce costs, or generate revenue.
  • To educate the PCC community and establish a culture of cost saving, innovation, and sustainability.

Get Involved

If you have entrepreneurial ideas you'd like to share with the PEAK Council, download and complete a PEAK application.