Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Sylvania Diversity Committee Members

  • Co-Chairs:
    • Linda Gerber, Campus President
    • Claire Oliveros, Multicultural Center Coordinator.
  • Members:
    • Brooke Gondara, Dean of Social Sciences
    • Consuelo Romanski, English Faculty
    • David Stout, Dean of English &World Languages
    • Deborah Evind, Women’s Center Coordinator
    • Deborah Sipe, Director Child Development Center
    • Diane Mulligan, Dean of Student Services
    • Doris Werkman, Dean of Visual and Performing Arts
    • Heiko Spoddeck, Math Center Coordinator
    • Hersi Ahmed, Information Technology Specialist
  • Members continued:
    • Jan Abushakrah, Sociology / Gerontology Faculty
    • Jean Garcia-Chitwood, Upward Bound Director
    • Jeannie LaFrance, Illumination Project Coordinator
    • John Persen, Director of Diversity Contracts
    • Kat Arno, ASPCC Coordinator Assistant
    • Kate Chester, Sylvania Campus Community Relations
    • Katy Ho, Associate Dean, Student Development
    • Linda Williams, Academic Advisor
    • Max Macias, Library Technician
    • Pattie Hill, Service Learning Coordinator
    • Priscilla Loanzon, Nursing Faculty
    • Stephen Arthur, ASPCC Student Clubs Coordinator

To Join

If you are a staff, faculty, or student and you are interested in joining this committee please contact Claire Oliveros to find out when the next meeting is scheduled.

Committees Organizational Development
Chair: Claire Oliveros, Linda Gerber, Katy Ho, Jean Garcia-Chitwood
Vision / Outreach
Chair: Deborah Evind, Jeannie LaFrance, John Persen
Programs / Campus Climate
Chair: Diane Mulligan, Priscilla Loanzan, Max Macias
Brooke Gondara, Chair
Chair: Heiko Spoddeck, Jan Abushakrah, Dave Stout
Research Committee
Chair: Deborah Sipe,Hersi Ahmed, Consuelo Romanksi