Sylvania Diversity Committee

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Why Diversity Matters

The strength of our democracy depends on a diverse body of educated and engaged citizens participating fully in civic life. The economic and social well-being of Oregon depends on the innovation and growth driven by diverse perspectives and ideas.

The Problem

The Sylvania Diversity Committee addresses the problems of racism, sexism, heterosexism and other forms of oppression in our campus community. 

We recognize that these problems cannot be faced in isolation from their broader social context.  We work to make the campus a model of social justice built on a thriving diversity, so that students, staff, and faculty can effect positive change in the culture and society beyond our campus.

Our Vision

The Sylvania Diversity Council envisions a transformed campus, where there is racial, social, and economic justice for all people - a campus where:

  • The needs of all people are met in a fair and equitable manner,
  • All people equally participate in making the decisions that affect them, and
  • Our interconnectedness is acknowledged and celebrated in diverse ways and communities.

Our Mission

The Sylvania Campus Diversity Council’s mission is to develop and maintain a campus climate that welcomes and promotes respect for the wide variety of human experience.

The dimensions of diversity include, but are not limited to race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, sex/gender, disability, socioeconomic status, cultural orientation, national origin and age.

Our Challenge

To continue to advance and incorporate diversity into every aspect of activity at Sylvania Campus, including student life, the curriculum, teaching, programs, staffing, personnel training practices, community services and events. It is also to bring our observations and recommendations to the attention of the whole PCC district.

Our Charge

The Sylvania Diversity Committee recognizes that enhancing diversity requires leadership and commitment. Therefore, the Sylvania President’s Office endeavors to implement a campus-wide, multi-faceted, comprehensive diversity program that will accomplish the following goals:

  1. Create a campus environment that welcomes students, faculty, staff and the public from diverse backgrounds;
  2. Promote values and practices that discourage intolerance and discrimination;
  3. Provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to develop intercultural competence;
  4. Include knowledge and values from many cultures in the curriculum and extracurricular life of the campus community;
  5. Take proactive steps to increase and retain the representation of people from the diverse backgrounds among students, faculty and staff;
  6. Utilize under represented businesses in our purchasing and contracting when possible; and
  7. Create partnerships and relationships that are inclusive of all segments of the community.