Cascade Diversity Council

Cascade Campus Diversity Council Statement

(Note: This statement describes the work of the Cascade Campus Diversity Council in its current configuration; an effort is under way to add student representation to the Council.)

The Cascade Campus Diversity Council is committed to creating a campus environment that fosters the values of diversity by actively educating its campus community in a variety of ways. Our efforts include the following:

  • Enable staff, faculty and students to challenge organizational norms to increase and create a diverse community.
  • Cultivate collaborations that increase awareness and knowledge of diverse communities.
  • Encourage skill acquisition that is necessary to serve and support diverse communities.
  • Provide support to those around us who purposefully include diverse perspectives and promote educational opportunities to expand cultural competency through coursework and other activities.
  • Strive for an inclusive and diverse campus climate and community for the benefit of the campus community and greater society.

Council and non-council staff serve on the following subcommittees:

  • Recruitment, Hiring and Retention
  • Programming
  • Procurement
  • Curriculum
  • Membership

Cascade Campus Diversity Council Members, October 2009

  • James Bowles
  • Larry Clausen
  • Deborah Cochrane
  • Anita Craig
  • James Dawson
  • Kate Dins
  • Candia Elliot
  • Kendi Esary
  • Susan Garber
  • Algie Gatewood
  • James Harrison
  • Damon Hickok
  • Steve Hudson
  • Scott Huff
  • Ed Lindsey
  • Sam Morgan
  • Abe Proctor
  • Linda Reisser
  • Kal Robertson
  • Marina Santos
  • Cynthia Sartin
  • Reba Stephney
  • Debbie Stone
  • Penny Thompson
  • Carolyn Wilson