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gear_up_promo Announcing Gear Up media sessions
Learn new media tools and get free gear for online instructors Posted January 20, 2017
candy eyeballs from the royalty free collection Royalty Free Media: More Than Eye Candy
Using royalty free media in your online courses can be a copyright safe treat. Learn some tricks for using these resources in your online teaching practice via a brief selection of prior best practices blog posts. Posted October 31, 2016
Royalty Free media is available Now available – royalty free media to enhance your course!
Distance Education is providing pilot access to royalty free media collections during 2016-17. Posted October 7, 2016
Screen capture of Mike Faber's video on Dementia Video Camp Fall 2016 Apps due by August 22nd
Video Camp Fall ʻ16 apps due Monday, August 22nd at 8 a.m. Posted August 15, 2016
Copyright: robodread / 123RF Stock Photo “Yes, but I hate the way my voice sounds.”
The sound of your own voice shouldn't be a barrier to using audio feedback in your online class. Posted August 15, 2016
the contribute media link is in the Kaltura widget on the My Home page Uploading a media to our streaming server
If you have a video that you want to embed in your course but don’t want it on the public […] Posted May 20, 2016
D2l 10.5 Discussion-Delete multiple forums or topics D2L 10.5 Top 5 Upgrades 4
Listing D2L 10.5 Top 5 Upgrades that you may want to know. With the next update coming soon on December 16th, showing top 5 things you want to know about the new D2L. Posted November 30, 2015
Video camera Your Knowledge + Our Production Team = Video Camp!
Distance Learning Faculty - Get paid to create engaging and professional media for your fully online courses! Posted September 30, 2015
image+video Image and video use recommendations for online courses, part 3
Part 3 of 3 on posts about use of images and video in online courses with specific recommendations that help you manage media and select options that compliment but don't compromise your content. This post focuses on video. Posted September 21, 2015
image+video Image and video use recommendations for online courses, part 2 1
Michael Moss shares some tips for managing and archiving images when you are using them in online courses. Posted September 15, 2015