TV & TVWeb Information

What is a TV course?

TV courses, or Telecourses combine selected video series, study guides, textbook readings and written assignments. Tests may involve traditional on campus exams, or a scheduled proctor exam approved by the instructor if outside of the Portland district. Communication between the instructor and students may include e-mail, telephone calls, mail, and/or personal on-campus meetings.

What is a TVWEB course?

TVWEB courses are similar to TV courses, but also include a Web component. Lessons are delivered in video format and course work utilizes Internet resources. Communication between instructors and students is conducted through email, Web discussion boards and other online resources.

How do I register for these kinds of courses?

Policies and procedures governing tuition payment, adding and dropping classes and removing tuition charges are the same as for on-campus credit classes. Visit to search available courses at PCC.

Video viewing options

Telecourse and TVWEB course videos are available to students in several different formats. Students are expected to view all assigned video episodes.

Videos available on DVD

The DVD format is the recommended format as videos are on-demand and is also the better bargain for students than streaming. DVD sets can be transferred between PCC campus bookstores and can also be sold back at the end of the term. Call first for availability and store hours.

Bookstore Customer Service: 971-722-4910

  • ATH 101: Introduction to Physical Anthropology
    • Video Series: Anthropology: the Evolving Human
  • ATH 103: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    • Video Series: Anthropology: Our Diverse World
  • GS 107: General Science – Astronomy
    • Video Series: Astronomy: Observations and Theories
  • HE 250: Personal Health
    • Video Series: Journey To Health
  • HEC 226: Child Development
    • Video Series: Child Development – Stepping Stones

Videos available through online streaming

Most video titles are now available streaming online through your course. Check with your instructor. MTH 60 (Algebra I) and MTH 65 (Algebra II) videos are on youtube and stream for free. The instructor will provide course-required links and episodes.

Cable TV (Channel 27)

Telecourses and TVWEB episodes are broadcast at scheduled times on CableA TV, but are not available on-demand. Weekly assigned TV & TVWEB episodes are played and repeated on Comcast Channel 27. Viewing areas are limited to the Portland Metro area. This excludes Beaverton, Vancouver, Gresham and other neighboring vicinities of Portland. Be sure you can access PCC’s cable programming before you enroll, by calling Comcast.

For a schedule of CH 27 programs, visit Refer to your instructor or your syllabus for assigned episodes. Courses could be potentially be recorded using DVR, but are otherwise not available on demand.

PCC Libraries

DVDs for Telecourses and TVWEB courses are available on Reserve at the Check Out desk in the Library. Some of these are DVD and some are on VHS and can only be viewed on site. You must be enrolled in a TV or TVWEB course to view the videos. Visit the PCC Library Web site for information and availability at: